Harumika Doll Kits for the Fashionista In Your Life

This is one of the “Aha! Why didn’t I think of that!” moments that every Mom will recognize. For years, my youngest daughter has been cutting up pieces of cloth to use on her own dolls. The pre-made outfits (usually just one) included on the doll grow “old” and go out of fashion very quickly. So this means new wardrobes and fashion updates that spell the end to her clothes, sometimes mine, and any fabric around the house!

Imagine the thrill of discovery at the Time To Play Magazine Toy Showcase when I found the Harumika table. Harumika has created a 12″ doll form, clothing and accessories that can be changed as often as your child wishes with a simple stylus-like tool. There are several clothing sets that let your child design their own outfits and “style their imagination”.  The prices are reasonable with the Accent Sets starting at $5.99 and a Style Starter Set (includes dress form, stylus tool, fabric swatches, fashion accessories, and fashion stickers starting at $10.99.

How to Create Stylish Outfits with Harumika

My daughter loves her Harumika doll form and spends hours with the many combinations of outfits she can create, change, and create again. The possibilities are endless, and that’s why my daughter loves this doll, and I love to see how my little fashionista uses her imagination and creativity.

The Harumika website offers styling tips and information, and even lets your child create their own store! For a live look at the Harumika dolls, watch my clip on MomTV from the Toy Fair. Harumika Sets are available at Toys R’Us and Target stores.


3 Responses

  1. I went to the link you give to get the free gift card for toys from Kmart but it says I am not in USA and do not qualify, do you know if Kmart is doing this in canada too?

  2. Happy new year! I hope to see this year many more intresting posts on your blog!

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