Logging 12,432 Steps On My Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker #OmronHealth

In New York City last week, I logged over 12,000 steps getting around the city. From my hotel to BlogHer ’15 and Blogger Bash and back again (with restaurants and shops in the mix), it was quite interesting to see how quickly the steps added up to miles! I even walked from Chelsea Piers to the Warwick Hotel. If you know me, you know I run every day. Using the Alvita Activity Tracker, it’s easier than ever to keep a record of all of my fitness activity and goals. This tracker uses Bluetooth® Smart technology that wirelessly syncs to my smartphone via the Omron Fitness app. It also measures how many calories I burn, distances, and of course steps.

I love that it’s really small and lightweight so it’s easy to clip on and take anywhere.


The device is compatible with Apple iPhone 4S and higher; iPad 3rd generation and higher; iPad mini, 2, 3; iPad Air, 2 with iOS 7+; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, Note 3, Note 4 with Android Version 4.3+. It requires installation of the free Omron Fitness mobile app.

I received an Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker to try; opinions (it’s awesome) are my own.

Join me for the @MomsNiteOut Twitter Party tonight at 7pm ET! #NMNO15

National Mom’s Nite Out™ is finally here! This annual event gives moms the opportunity to join together and celebrate motherhood. Each year, moms all over the world attend or host National Mom’s Nite Out events in their homes and communities by inviting their best girlfriends out for a night of fun conversation, snacks, and drinks.

Please join me for the National Mom’s Nite Out Twitter Party tonight, May 7th at 7pm ET. Jump on Twitter and chat with me before heading out with friends for the night and you can enter to win prizes from our partners, including: HP, MyPrintly, Bicycle Playing Cards, GLOSSYBOXProvident Films, Entenmann’s, and more!

#NMNO15 Twitter Party

  • Date: Thursday, May 7, 2015
  • Time: 7:00-8:00pm ET
  • Location: #NMNO15
  • Who to Follow: @MomTalkRadio, @MomsNiteOut, and @MomSelectAmy
  • Prizing: Gift cards, HP Chromebooks, HP Printers, Bicycle Playing Card prize packs, GLOSSYBOX subscriptions, Moms’ Night Out DVDs, Entenmann’s Litte Bites prize packs, and more!

Can’t wait to tweet with you tonight!

Add @BicycleCards to your National Mom’s Nite Out party! #NMNO15

National Mom’s Nite Out™ is tomorrow! This annual event gives moms the opportunity to join together and celebrate motherhood. Each year, moms all over the world attend or host National Mom’s Nite Out events in their homes and communities by inviting their best girlfriends out for a night of fun conversation, snacks, and drinks.

One of my favorite things about hosting a National Mom’s Nite Out party is coming up with a theme that my guests will love. This year I’m hosting a classic cocktail party inspired by the new Bicycle Cocktail Party playing card decks and the glam cocktail party printables at MyPrintly.com.

What could be more fun than an evening playing cards and hosting the perfect cocktail party? I love these new cocktail party decks from Bicycle because each card features a time-honored drink recipe to help you create the perfect drink from the golden age of the cocktail party.

If you plan to incorporate Bicycle playing cards into your National Mom’s Nite Out party, I suggest downloading The Official Bicycle® How To Play App or visiting www.bicyclecards.com/rules to find the perfect game to play during your party. My adult card game suggestions? Presidents, I Doubt It, and Fan Tan. Search Bicycle’s How to Play App for the rules on how to play these games!

I can’t wait to celebrate National Mom’s Nite Out tomorrow night! Be sure to join me before your night out for the #NMNO15 Twitter Party. I’ll be on Twitter at 7pm ET on May 7th tweeting about National Mom’s Nite Out and giving away lots of great prizes, including Bicycle Cocktail Party decks.

Connect with Bicycle® Playing Cards:





Bicycle Cards is a sponsor of National Mom’s Nite Out.

I’m 5 Trades Away…Will You Help? #5TradesAway


It began as a homework assignment. Yes, my homework and not one of my children’s. If you don’t follow me on Facebook or haven’t peeked in on my life lately, I went back to school last summer. I’m currently working toward my Executive MBA at the University of Notre Dame. You are never too old to realize your dreams in my book.

It started as an assignment but has grown into saving the lives of expectant mothers in Africa.

Let’s start with the assignment.

I was assigned to practice my negotiation skills by trading with a simple, yet authentic pair of Chinese chopsticks. The chopsticks were purchased in China by my professor. Although they look like something I’ve chopsticksseen on Canal Street, I have to believe he actually bought them in China because he’s a priest. My mama taught me to trust men of the Catholic cloth. The exercise basically mimics One Red Paperclip, where Kyle MacDonald traded up his red paper clip until he traded for a house. Here’s a great video on his journey. It’s quite inspiring if you haven’t seen it.

Well, I don’t need a house like Kyle. In fact, there’s not much I need other than an A in this class. (Just joking about that one- sort of.) So I’m going to focus my homework assignment to trade up to something I can use to support my recent passion- saving the lives of expectant moms and their unborn babies in Africa.

Here’s the back story.

Each day, 800 moms die due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Many of these women live in villages in Uganda and die because they can’t get to a clinic. Imagine. Better yet, watch this video to understand the magnitude.

Pulse, a company building village transports that universally hook to the back of any bike or motor scooter, is working with health care organizations to supply Village Ambulances to remote communities. I will be going to Uganda in June to work with Pulse on maximizing their efforts. I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity but most of all, passionate about this cause.

Giving birth is a blessing, it shouldn’t be a death sentence. We deliver our babies in clean birthing suites and these mothers can’t even get to a clinic.

Back to the chopsticks.

My plan is to trade my chopsticks up in order to get the highest value item I can obtain and then sell that item to purchase as many Village Ambulances I can for the mothers in Uganda. It’s a big goal for a small pair of chopsticks. That’s where you come in.

Follow me on Facebook.

There I will conduct my trades. Follow along and if you have something of value that you are willing to trade let me know.

Think about it. Do you have a signed football lying around the house? Frequent flyer points you aren’t going to ever use except for magazine subscriptions you don’t need? Access to a famous person who would donate an hour to spend with someone who might pay for that experience? Anything? You may not value it but someone in my network might.

I need your help. I can do a lot of crazy things on my own but not this time.

Here’s the rules I have:

1. I can only trade 5 times
2. I can’t trade with any employees or immediate family members
3. I have to do my final trade by May 5th

I’ve dedicated my career to moms, however now I have a chance to help save the lives of future mothers. I would really appreciate your help on this one.

I’m only 5 Trades Away.

For additional information or thoughts, feel free to email me at Maria@bsmmedia.com or message me via Twitter or Facebook.

Join @MomTalkRadio on Twitter on 4/17 for #PaddingtonMovie prizes!

I’m so excited to share that tomorrow, April 17th, the delightful film, Paddington is available to own in Digital HD across iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Verizon FiOS, and Comcast – 11 days before you can buy it in stores!

This early release offers a fun and easy opportunity for families to spend time together this weekend by throwing a Paddington Movie Night. Be sure to visit PaddingtonParties.com to get your free Paddington Movie Night party kit, pre-order your copy of Paddington, and kick-start the fun today.

Speaking of fun, I’d love for you to join me on Twitter on Friday, April 17th while you watch Paddington with your family. Tweet with me, @MomTalkRadio, by using the hashtag #PaddingtonMovie and keep an eye out for multiple chances to tweet to win exclusive Paddington prize packs all day! RSVP to join me for the #PaddingtonMovie Twitter Chat here.

Paddington Movie Night Party Inspiration

At PaddingtonParties.com you will not only find your free printable party kit filled with recipes and decorations, but also a multitude of other free printable activities including coloring sheets, word searches, and more.

With all of the ideas and free printables available at PaddingtonParties.com, you can transform your living room into a delightful Paddington-inspired party space in no time! See MyPrintly.com blogger Tonya Staab’s full Paddington Movie Night setup and download her free printables here.

I’ve seen all sorts of amazing crafts and recipes that moms have shared for their Paddington Movie Night parties. See some of my favorite recipes below and follow the #PaddingtonMovie hashtag on social media to see and share recipes, decorations, and family movie night photos.

I can’t wait to hear what you thought about Paddington and to see your photos and videos from your Paddington Movie Night Party! Be sure to follow @PaddingtonMovie on Twitter and like Paddington Movie on Facebook for the “beary” latest Paddington news and updates.

Join me for the #Paddington Twitter Party on April 2nd at 8pm ET!

If you’re in need of a family movie night, then you’re in luck! On Friday, April 17th, the delightful film, Paddington, is available to download in Digital HD across iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Verizon Fios, and Comcast– 11 days before you can buy it in stores.

From the beloved novels by Michael Bond and producer David Heyman (HARRY POTTER FRANCHISE), PADDINGTON brings us the live-action story of a young talking bear (Ben Whishaw of SKYFALL) who finds himself lost and alone in the big city until he meets the kindly Brown family. They read the label around his neck that says, “Please look after this bear. Thank you,” and offer him a temporary haven. After a series of comic misadventures, PADDINGTON must convince the Brown family that he belongs with them, all while staying out of the way of a museum taxidermist (Oscar®-winner Nicole Kidman) who’s got her eyes on him. Co-starring Michael Gambon (HARRY POTTER FRANCHISE), Academy Award®-nominee Sally Hawkins (BLUE JASMINE), Oscar®-nominee Julie Walters (BRAVE), Hugh Bonneville (TV’s DOWNTON ABBEY), Academy Award®-winner Peter Capaldi (TV’s DOCTOR WHO), Oscar®-winner Jim Broadbent (CLOUD ATLAS), and Academy Award®-nominee Imelda Staunton (MALEFICENT).

To prepare for the April 17th digital release, I’m hosting a #Paddington movie Twitter Party on Thursday, April 2nd at 8pm ET. Please join me for this fun Twitter Party where will chat about the upcoming Paddington release and reveal some fun details on how you can host your own Paddington Movie Party at home. Of course, no Twitter Party would be complete without great prizes. We’ll be giving away exclusive Paddington prize packs, full of goodies that everyone in your family is sure to love!

#PADDINGTON Twitter Party
Date: Thursday, April 2nd
Time: 8:00pm ET
Location: #Paddington
Who to Follow: @PaddingtonMovie, @MomTalkRadio, and @MomSelectLiz
Prizing: Participants can enter to win exclusive Paddington prize packs

How to Participate:

  • You need a Twitter account to participate in the party. You can register for a free account at Twitter.com. Once you have registered, be sure to follow @PaddingtonMovie, @MomTalkRadio, and @MomSelectLiz
  • To participate in the conversation, you should follow tweets and post with the #Paddington hashtag.
  • An easy way to join and follow the conversation is to go to twubs.com/Paddington. From there you can chat and see what others are saying!

I hope to see you there!

New Madame Alexander Collections Debut at Toy Fair

Madame Alexander, one of my favorite doll brands, recently unveiled new toys that children will love! The hours of creative, open play mean moms will love them, too. The high quality of the dolls is the same as ever, and Madame Alexander is now offering a Travel Friends Collection including a Nascar line (yes, it’s true), plus Pixie Doodles and much more. Take a look:


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