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Little Sister Babblebaby by Madame Alexander #promocode

My little toy tester is going to love this cutie from Madame Alexander. The Little Sister doll features advanced “response” technology lets this lifelike Babblebaby™ actually baby-talk back when you stop talking to it!. An adorable 14″ baby doll featuring 80 different real baby sounds, this Babble Baby will be a hit that moms will love, too. Madame Alexander means quality toys with attention to detail and of course, hours of play. Perfect for birthdays, and just in time for a nice Easter basket surprise!

Bonus: you will receive 15% off plus free shipping on a doll of their choice. Use Promo code: MOM16
(Promo code rules: 1-use per customer, 15% off entire cart + free shipping​, not applicable to items in the sale category.)

Order at MadameAlexander.com.


I received a Babble Baby doll as part of the Madame Alexander Advisory Board, opinions are my own.

Parents Spending Big Money on Connected #Toys for their Kids #DigitalKidsCon

Today I’m thrilled to be speaking at the Digital Kids Conference at Toy Fair, revealing new research from BSM Media on moms, kids and smart connected toys. And what better place to talk about the results than at the Digital Kids conference at Toy Fair ’16.  As usual, our moms provided valuable responses on how digital and traditional toys are blending, and how much parents are willing to spend big money for smart connected toys. Here is an excerpt from the press release for the research and event.

In a survey by BSM Media and Digital Kids Media, 65% of parents say they would pay more for a smart connected toy (versus traditional toy) or on average $41-60 per toy, while 23% of parents would spend upwards to $80 or more for a connected toy. The spend is high and threshold low for parents who are driving a smart connected toy market, which was projected to hit $2.8 billion by the end of 2015.

“Today’s moms, particularly millennials, were raised with technology which has had a tremendous impact on toy-buying decisions for their children,” says Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media and author of Millennial Moms: 202 Facts Marketers Need to Know to Build Brands and Drive Sales. “When they decide to buy, these tech-savvy moms do their research. They rely heavily on ‘word of mom’, online reviews, and of course, what the connected toy offers in education and entertainment value.”

Aside from a simple ask (which drives 53% of parents to purchase), parents are overwhelmingly swayed by the promise of learning.

  • When purchasing connected toys, games and apps, 65% of moms look for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) content, arguably one of the hottest trends of 2015.
  • Surprisingly, only 28% of parents said they choose connected toys that promote creative/imaginative play.
  • Of those kids with connected toys, 40% of their moms say their children spend equal time playing with the physical features as they do the digital elements.

“Today’s child anticipates that a toy will be interactive, adaptable and even programmable. Our young digital natives give little thought to the sophistication of smart connected play beyond that it’s just plain fun,” said Tonda Bunge Sellers, president of Digital Kids Media. “In fact, we are seeing boundaries between traditional and digital toys disintegrate for children as natural play patterns and learning become elemental to digital-physical toys, sports play, stuffed animals or even a rubber duck.”

As traditional toys take on a new life, offering a level of connectivity and interactivity like never before seen, parents are eager to purchase, but not without doing their homework first. Before they buy, 66% of parents research, read reviews and talk to other parents for connected toy recommendations.

  • Before buying, moms read product reviews 88% of the time.
  • Additionally, 71% of parents look to blogs for product recommendations, and 60% of parents ask other parents for recommendations.
  • While consumer reviews are key, moms will skip the stars and reviews completely if another mom friend recommends a game, app or toy.

For a snapshot of the summary and more findings, please see the infographic on the purchase influencers, cost thresholds and what motivates the child to ask and the mom to buy at www.DigitalKidsCon.com. BSM Media conducted a national study that surveyed 300 moms and 170 children (ages 5 – 16, mothers responded for 6 and under).

About Digital Kids

Through conferences and content, Digital Kids connects a global community of experts to share best practices and the newest innovations to inspire and advance business in the ever-changing world of kids’ digital lives. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Digital Kids is host to bi-annual conferences that attract toy industry stakeholders, app developers, brand owners, product developers and content producers to collaborate on the future of connected smart play products and services that span interactive, digital, physical, entertainment, and education. For more information, visit www.DigitalKidsCon.com.

About BSM Media

BSM Media is an internationally recognized, full-service marketing and media firm with the greatest breadth and depth of relationships with Moms and Millennials. CEO Maria Bailey and her team produce creative, turnkey programs that allow companies to reach their brand and product goals through influencer matchmaking tactics and trendsetting marketing strategies. For information and case studies on how to connect with powerful Millennial consumer groups, go to http://bsmmedia.com.




Collect Connects at Toy Fair ’15

Check out Connects©, a fun toy that’s educational, too!  At Toy Fair ’15, I found these subtly colored, carefully designed chain link pieces that offer hours of creative play. Connects lets kids link pieces together to form colorful bracelets, necklaces or keychains that can be worn as jewelry, hung on backpacks, for decorating rooms and more. There’s no limit to the designs and imaginative ideas. A large tube of Connects (at a reasonable price) is perfect for a birthday party activity (guests can make and take their creation!), rainy day activity, travel and more. In various sizes, Connects tubes are terrific party gifts, Easter basket items and stocking stuffers at holiday. Available in fabulous colors at CollectConnects.com, Learning Express and Lester’s.

Big News for Zhus at Toy Fair ’15

Big news in the Zhuniverse! Updated Amazing Zhus and a new look for the original ZhuZhu Pets highlighted Toy Fair ’15.  The original ZhuZhu Pets, the 2012 Toy of the Year, are back with cute designs and colors and a major announcement for 2016. Find out the big news here:

Holiday 2014’s must-have toy – the Amazing Zhus – sports new looks and accessories for even more fun with these fun pets that perform tricks and stunts.

Hot, New Toys from Toy Fair ’15

Last week I made my annual trip to New York for Toy Fair ’15. Wondering what I’d find and hoping there were some eye-catching new toys that kids (and moms) will love, the trip didn’t disappoint. There are plenty of new toys that you’ll want to watch for this year, especially at the holidays. A series of posts will feature my videos from the show, starting with Pet Sac and Fubbles Bubbles.

Pet Sac

This adorable plush toy (the zipper pull tail is too cute) converts in to a backpack to store all kinds of items. Made of durable nylon (parachute material), the Pet Sac is perfect for school, camp, sleepovers, travel and makes a fun, unique birthday gift, too! Available soon at PetSac.com.


Fubbles Bubbles

Kids love bubbles but bubbles often spill. Fubbles Bubbles is a new line of bubble-making toys with a unique bottle design that won’t leak when tipped over or dropped. A squeezable bubble bottle and a bubble-making robot are a small sample of the fun bubble toys available from Fubbles Bubbles, now at all major retailers. Perfect for birthday parties, outside play time and more. Information at LittleKidsToys.com.


Next post: Amazing Zhus and Zhu Zhu Pets at Toy Fair ’15!

Smart Games for Kids-A Brilliant Idea! #smartgames

So much of our time is spent on phones and computers and children are no exception. Moms know to strive for a balance of activities, both offline and online. An easy offline solution is games, like these excellent brain games offered by Smart Games. There are dozens of games to choose from in every age range (from 3 to 99), and our BlueSuitMom test team loved them all! A truly wonderful feature on many of these games is a handy case that holds all of the pieces…yes!


Here, our game tester plays with IQ Twist and City Maze, the GPS puzzle. These games are flexible, versatile and most are great for travel.

City Maze, The GPS Puzzle

Can you be your own GPS? Can you navigate the city and guide two travelers to their destination? Place the double-sided puzzle pieces on the game board to create routes from start to finish. This game includes 2 booklets, each with 60 challenges from easy to expert. Booklet A (“On the Double”) has challenges with two different colored routes, booklet B (“Delivery Express) challenges with either red or blue routes.

  • 120 challenges, 5 levels of difficulty
  • ages 7 – 99
  • portable game with lid, great for travel
  • SG-470-US-City-Maze-(pack+product+booklet) 300 dpi

Brain Cheeser

A (w)hole lot of fun!

Can you place all puzzle pieces on the game board so that the mice look through the holes in the cheese? Sometimes holes stay empty, but half-holes are not permitted in the solutions, except on the edge of the square.

  • 48 challenges
  • ages 6 – 99
  • magnetic pieces, perfect for travel

SGT 250US b Brain Cheeser pack, game_high res

IQ Twist

Twist your brain with this logic game!

Give you brain a spin in the right direction and put all the twisted playing pieces on the game board. It looks easy until you realize that there are pegs that are in your way. And you can only put a puzzle piece over a peg if both are the same color!

  • 100 challenges
  • for all ages, 6 – 99
  • an ideal brain snack while on the go

SG 499US b IQ Steps pack, game, booklet_high res


Four Smart Games were sent for our review, opinions are our own.

#Holiday #Toys from Spinmaster

Spin Master toys are must-haves for the holidays! There are so many options to choose from for boys and girls of all ages. Spin Master‘s Air Hogs, Robotics, Spy Gear, Chatsters, Sew Cool and Magic Mixer are just a few of the excellent choices this year. Paw Patrol toys, based on the popular show, are selling out! Check out these choices and my video from the toy show a few weeks ago:

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer™ is a winner of the Walmart Chosen By Kids award and features the latest evolution in indoor all surface RC racing.  Zero Gravity Laser Racer is a fully functional RC car that drives on the floor, up the walls and even upside-down.  Its unique laser guided control allows it to go wherever you point it, delivering outstanding scale, speed and performance on any smooth surface.

Air Hogs RollerCopter™: Smash, crash, roll and bash with the all-new Air Hogs RollerCopter! This totally new RC helicopter enables pilots to roll along the ground, up walls and even along the ceiling. The protective cage allows the helicopter to take serious bumps and keep on going. New pilots will never have to worry about crashing as they roll into an all-new RC helicopter experience with the Air Hogs RollerCopter.Chatsters MSRP $79.99
Chatsters™: Spin Master’s newest interactive doll, Chatsters, is a talking, dancing, “thinking,” animated toy that can wow even the most tech savvy little girls. Her silly personality will come to life as you interact with Chatsters using the included accessories and her touch-sensor glasses. Six of her accessories, like her pet puppy Sprinkles, are equipped with a microchip that allows Chatsters to recognize and respond to them: try using the lipstick to change her lip colors! Her glasses are a pair of high-resolution LCD screens that feature animated eyes, mini games, and makeover activities. Download the free companion app to call and text Chatsters. She is truly your BFF!

Kinetic Sand: It’s the squeezable sand where you can FEEL the fun! You’ve never felt anyting like it! Pack it, pull it, shape it and love it, Kinetic Sand moves and oozes through your fingers but leaves them completely dry. It never dries out so you can use it over and over. Wheat, gluten and casein free, Kinetic Sand is an easy clean up and comes with a 1 lb. box of sand. A boxed set includes four molds.


Paw Patrol Lookout Headquarter Playset™: Based the top-rated preschool series on Nickelodeon, the ultimate Paw Patrol toy is the Lookout Tower, featured in every episode! The playset comes equipped with a working elevator, slide, lights and sounds. And even comes with Chase and his vehicle!

Zoomer Dino

Zoomer Dino™: Zoomer Dino is a wild pet dinosaur who loves to play. He roars, chomps, spins, chases, and so much more! Sensors in his nose allow him to react to his surroundings and kids can train him to sit, speak, and perform tail whips. His eyes change color to let you know his mood, and you can even make him mad by pulling on his tail! Zoomer Dino also comes with a controller; giving kids even more ways to make him run, chomp, move his head and tail, and become angry, on command. (WINNER – Walmart Chosen By Kids)

Find Spin Master toys at major retailers and online this holiday season.


I received samples of some of these toys for review. Opinions are my own.