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New Madame Alexander Collections Debut at Toy Fair

Madame Alexander, one of my favorite doll brands, recently unveiled new toys that children will love! The hours of creative, open play mean moms will love them, too. The high quality of the dolls is the same as ever, and Madame Alexander is now offering a Travel Friends Collection including a Nascar line (yes, it’s true), plus Pixie Doodles and much more. Take a look:

Lifelike Babblebabies-The Perfect #Holiday #Kids #Gift

The newest addition to Madame Alexander’s Newborn Nursery Line are the interactive baby dolls called Babblebabbies™. These dolls are designed to look and feel like a real baby, complete with over 80 real baby sound combinations. Babblebabies sigh, cry, giggle, chuckle and of course, babble for a very real experience.  I had the opportunity to preview these dolls at a toy show recently, and they are truly amazing!  Madame Alexander’s exceptional attention to detail is evident with this new line and makes them look and feel so real, complete with 19-inch height and expressive faces.

There are 6 new dolls in the Babblebabies collection that include boy and girl options. Choose from different hair and eye colors and skin tones. These babies are amazing and will make the doll-loving child on your wish list very happy this holiday! For ages 3 and older.


I received this adorable Madame Alexander Babblebaby to review, along with a very cool travel friend from India! As part of the International Collection, the travel friends are 7″ play dolls from countries around the world that include information about each country’s customs, culture and more. So cute.


Available at MadameAlexander.com and specialty and department stores.