Hot New Toys from ALEX at Toy Fair ’17

ALEX Toys offered a terrific selection at this year’s Toy Fair. Check out the hottest new toys including Sweetlings, Happy Little Loom and DIY Paint & Wear Enamel Pins.

Sweetlings captures current decorating food trends into an amazingly fun and addicting craft. Kids can make their Sweetlings characters come alive as they customize them with whipped clay, fun accessories and a touch of the secret ingredient: Love! Get creative with cupcakes, cake pops, donuts and more!


The ALEX DIY Happy Little Loom™ is a portable and easy hand held loom which allows them to weave in multiple widths for making projects such as a belt, bracelet, scarf, headband, purse, phone case and much more. Learn more at

In this video, Maria learns about what’s new from ALEX DIY, including ALEX DIY Paint & Wear Enamel Pins, ALEX DIY Weave & Wear Metallic Cuffs and more!

Find more Toy Fair videos on Maria’s YouTube channel.



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