Hot, New Toys from Toy Fair ’15

Last week I made my annual trip to New York for Toy Fair ’15. Wondering what I’d find and hoping there were some eye-catching new toys that kids (and moms) will love, the trip didn’t disappoint. There are plenty of new toys that you’ll want to watch for this year, especially at the holidays. A series of posts will feature my videos from the show, starting with Pet Sac and Fubbles Bubbles.

Pet Sac

This adorable plush toy (the zipper pull tail is too cute) converts in to a backpack to store all kinds of items. Made of durable nylon (parachute material), the Pet Sac is perfect for school, camp, sleepovers, travel and makes a fun, unique birthday gift, too! Available soon at


Fubbles Bubbles

Kids love bubbles but bubbles often spill. Fubbles Bubbles is a new line of bubble-making toys with a unique bottle design that won’t leak when tipped over or dropped. A squeezable bubble bottle and a bubble-making robot are a small sample of the fun bubble toys available from Fubbles Bubbles, now at all major retailers. Perfect for birthday parties, outside play time and more. Information at


Next post: Amazing Zhus and Zhu Zhu Pets at Toy Fair ’15!


2 Responses

  1. I love the Pet Sac it’s super cute! And, the Fubble Bubbles I ‘m going to look that up now. My little boy loves bubbles but always spills them. I have to buy him that Bubble Robot … that’s awesome!! You have a great eye for cool Toys Maria!!

  2. Oh goodness! Like I need more toys to add to the list 🙂

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