Fabulous New #Samsung Products For Kitchen and Laundry Room

As the Consumer Electronics Show closes today, let’s take a look at products for busy moms that were on display this week, including innovations for the home by Samsung. Since moms spend A LOT of time in the kitchen and doing laundry, Samsung unveiled new products to make household tasks easier, including a new Dual Door™ oven, activewashTM laundry machine and powerful robot vacuum.

A New Era in Robot Vacuums
For years, robot vacuums have promised to transform cleaning, but the reality has not lived up to the potential as traditional robot vacuums do not perform as well on carpets as they do on hard floors. That’s about to change with the new Samsung POWERbot VR9000. This powerful robot vacuum features an array of advanced technologies and features to do the heavy lifting for today’s busy households, from hardwood to carpet.


Living_2Laundry Innovation with activewash™

Research shows that when it comes to laundry, the most tedious task is pre-treatment and pre-wash. Most homes don’t have a sink in their laundry rooms, requiring consumers to pretreat/pre-wash elsewhere and bring the items to the machine. The latest top load washer from Samsung solves this with a simple yet revolutionary feature – activewash™. The top of the activewash™ washing machine includes a built-in sink with water jet and gentle scrubbing surface. This convenient sink provides a separate space to pre-treat tough stains, like heavily soiled sports uniforms, or handwash items like delicate sweaters. Once finished, the laundry and water can easily be poured into the machine. This all-in-one solution allows consumers to handle the entire wash process in the laundry unit instead of having to spread it out over multiple locations, avoiding mess and saving a considerable amount of effort.

Heating up the Cooking Category

Cooking flexibility remains an area of interest for consumers, and Samsung addresses this head-on. This year, Samsung will evolve its popular Flex DuoTM Oven Range with the introduction of Dual Door™. Just like the Samsung Flex Duo™ range, it gives consumers the ability to simultaneously cook two different dishes in two separate compartments at different temperatures with little transfer of aroma and taste, all behind the streamlined look of one solid oven door. Samsung takes convenience and flexibility to a higher level with two doors that have been integrated into one to provide three cooking configurations to tackle any meal demand. An upper door gives access to a small top compartment (which, according to Samsung research, 92 percent of Flex Duo users prefer); a full door opens to both the top and bottom compartments when the removable Smart Divider is in use, and offers access to the entire oven when the divider is not in use. The capacity of a full size oven with the flexibility to customize based on meal prep needs – it’s the best of both worlds.


The Samsung Flex Duo™ Oven Range with Dual DoorTM will be available in Spring 2015.

For more information, visit http://www.samsung.com/us/shop/.


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  1. The new Samsung Powerbot sounds like something I could use . I hate spending time vacuuming and sweeping sounds like this Robot vacuum could solve my problem. I bet there’s lots of moms that would love this new product by Samsung! I am happy I read this!

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