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Today is National Sunglasses Day

Purse, check. Phone, check. Sunglasses, check. If you’re like me, you NEVER leave home without your shades. Since I live in a sunny climate, sunglasses are a given any time I’m heading outside – driving or spending time outdoors with my family. My favorite glasses du jour are a pair of retro wayfarers that look like ones I wore all the time in college. I have another lightweight pair that I wear on my runs.  While I see sunglasses as an accessory, they are also a necessity in the Sunshine State. I recently learned from The Vision Council that a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection should be worn by children and adults whenever possible for good, long-term eye health.


With the same idea of using sunscreen and UV protective clothing in the sun, parents should be purchasing and using sunglasses for themselves and their children for any outdoor activity. As families head off on summer vacations and hit the beach, lake, or even the backyard playing in the sprinklers, sunglasses are important to protect eyes. Nearly half of U.S. adults do not wear sunglasses while outdoors and more than half of parents do not protect their children’s eyes with sunglasses, according to a recent report by The Vision Council.

At a Vision Council webinar last week, I had the opportunity to hear more details about the report from optometrist and medical advisor Dr. Dora Adamopoulos. For the full report, go to The Vision Council website, or click here. The council and Dr. Adamopoulos offered valuable information, and I found that this chart offers a good summary:



The Vision Council is a nonprofit organization, however I will receive a gift of sunglasses for this post. All opinions are my own.



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