Moms Night Out Red Carpet Premiere #MNOMovie #NMNO14

This week is filled with amazing events that honor moms. National Moms Nite Out is on Thursday, May 8th, only one day before the Moms’ Night Out movie opens in theaters everywhere. As the Founder of Moms Nite Out, Maria Bailey is thrilled to have collaborated with TriStar Pictures, a division of Sony Pictures, throughout the movie production process.

Maria and I attended the red carpet event in Hollywood last week for the Moms’ Night Out movie premiere and are here to bring YOU the scoop. We had a chance to talk with Amanda Nasfell, the screenwriter for Moms’ Night Out on the red carpet and it was clear that she had a blast working on this During interviews it was evident from everyone involved on the film that maintaining the integrity of her original concept was of utmost importance.

Directed by Jon and Andrew Erwin, aka The Erwin Brothers, Moms’ Night Out is a true to life film that brings the love and craziness of parenting to life.

What makes Moms’ Night Out different from all of the other parenting movies that have come before it?

Moms’ Night Out validates each and every mom and dad out there, the role they have as parents, and the role they have in their relationships with each other as a couple. Jon and Andrew Erwin bring us a film that makes you laugh and cry through storytelling that is relatable and refreshing. They managed to touch on faith in the film and paired with laugh out loud humor, the movie leaves viewers inspired and ready to go back to our families with love and renewed energy.

Amy Moms Night Out pastor

With stars like Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Trace Adkins, David Hunt, Alex Kendrick and Andrea Login, among others, the talent bleeds a true passion for the messaging of this movie. Robert Armaya, who plays Marco will have dads rolling with laughter at his seemingly outrageous yet surprisingly realistic dad adventures. And Patricia Heaton brings the spunky humor we have all come to love her for to the movie while revealing the dimensions of motherhood that may not always be apparent to the outside world.

Moms’ Night Out is a true family comedy that will bring a bit of fresh air to your home and family relationships. Visit to learn more and don’t forget to celebrate National Moms Nite Out on Thursday, May 8th by sharing your evening on social media with #NMNO14.

Contributor Bio: Amy Barseghian has been a social media influencer and writer since 2008; after spending most of her life in the Midwest and a four-year stay in Arizona, Amy and her family now call Orange County, California home. Amy is the founder of OC Mentor, where she writes about travel, technology, parenting, and family lifestyle and is also a freelance writer at Android Life, Orange County Traveling Mom, SheBuysCars, and Land O’Lakes corporate. Amy is the owner of Social Halo Media where she helps companies manage their digital communities. Amy and her husband have two children that also love to travel; they are happy to call Aulani their Disney Vacation Club home.


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