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How To Stuff #Kids #Easter Baskets

Whether you’re a health-conscious parent or if you (or EB) just want to add something different in baskets this year, here are a few suggestions for items I like to put in my kids’ baskets.

  • New Swim Gear: It became a tradition years ago when I struggled to come up with useful items rather than candy-filled baskets. I shop for summer swim season. Since we’re in South Florida, swim gear is always in season which means we go through swimsuits fairly quickly. In the baskets, each child gets a swimsuit, rash guard, sunscreen and other fun items for the pool or beach. I love Lands’ End for the quality, and have found good deals at big box stores like Target. And what about candy?


  • Candy and chocolate: Don’t get me wrong, I still add in each child’s favorite candy (and mine too, of course) or there would be rebellion in my house. We have a wide range of tastes in our house, as you can imagine with 6 people. I have to buy everything from Peeps to Starburst and of course, the chocolate bunnies. Thankfully, I don’t buy as much as I used to as my children have grown older and have let me know (gently) that I don’t have to go overboard. I make sure to add in the Reese’s eggs, of course.


  • Age appropriate toys: Add toys and even games that will last long after the sweet stuff is gone. Although my children are older, I always tried to find a toy or game for baskets. At Toy Fair a few weeks ago, I found so many awesome toys and games for every age – Crayola, MegaBloks, Straw Shotz…too many to list here. Check out my Toy Fair videos on MomTV for ideas. Find the latest new toys from Cepia (remember ZhuZhu Pets?) called The Happy’s. These cute puppies and a kitten do tricks and love to play, and kids are loving them! Find them at Toys ‘R Us, Walmart and Target. Look how cute The Happy’s are:

Happy Easter! (Or a belated Happy Passover).


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