Life is good, so is their coffee!

Life is good, especially if you were a commuter at Penn Station last week. At the Amtrak rotunda, the lifestyle brand known for its iconic apparel line brought good vibes to Penn Station in the “Life is good Loft” where commuters received free coffee, enjoyed live music, prizes and more. We sent Hana to Penn Station to enjoy the Loft, grab some coffee (“the S’mores and Happy Medium were delicious”) and to find out more about the brand.

life is good

Life is good® has partnered with  The J.M. Smucker Company to provide consumers with a delicious, premium home brew coffee option.  Made with 100% Arabica beans, Life is good Coffee is UTZ-certified to promote sustainable farming. Five flavors are available now, two more will be introduced in July.

life is good 1

New Yorkers were very excited to get the coffee and seemed to appreciate the boost on the way to work. The guitarist was excellent and a few people settled on the Loft couches to enjoy the show. Hana spoke with Steven David, Director of Brand Marketing & PR, who said that Life is good is not just a t-shirt company anymore. It was in the early days, but this spring will be the company’s 20th anniversary. The company has two main objectives:

1. Spread optimism (what’s right with the world over what’s wrong)

2. Helping kids in need

Life is good reserves 10% of company profits to help children who are exposed to illness, violence and broken homes. The Boston-based company funds Life is good Playmakers (teachers, child specialists, trauma specialists), play therapy programs and caregiver training, to name a few.

Life is good Coffee retails for $7.99 for an 11oz. bag and is available at grocery stores nationwide and at

life is good 2

life is good 3


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  1. I’ve always loved the Life is Good brand, what they stand for and how they present themselves. I really like their two goals as they hit 20 years in business. Can’t wait to try their coffee–Optimism and kids are two of my favorite things!

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