Voyce Unleashes Tech Tool for Dogs

I found so many cool tech items at CES this year, but this one’s for the dogs! Literally. VOYCE is a new product and service that changes the way you understand and communicate with your dog. As the owner of four dogs (and more than I can count over the years), this idea is intriguing. VOYCE is a lightweight collar that was developed in collaboration with bio-medical engineers, dog experts, and Cornell University, one of the nation’s top veterinary institutions. VOYCE tracks key vital signs and wellness indicators while providing subscribers with exclusive content to help them understand their dogs like never before.


Through www.mydogsvoyce.com, VOYCE subscribers can readily access their dog’s information virtually anytime and anywhere through a desktop or mobile device. VOYCE information is also readily sharable with your veterinarian and social networks.

VOYCE, unveiled at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, combines breakthrough wearable technology with insightful guidance from some of the nation’s leading dog professionals — giving owners unprecedented insight into how their dogs are feeling, acting, thinking, and behaving.

Worn comfortably around a dog’s neck, VOYCE is a highly sophisticated, durable, and attractive health band that monitors key vital signs including heart and respiratory rates, along with other wellness indicators such as activity, rest, calories burned, and more.  The data provides valuable insight into more than just health-related issues, helping owners and veterinarians recognize and understand trends in the dog’s behavior, diet, exercise, and habits.

Designed and assembled in the USA, VOYCE is expected to be available in summer 2014.  To learn more about VOYCE, visit www.MyDogsVoyce.com.


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