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Monster Coats: Cool #Holiday #Gift To Keep Kids Warm

Leave it to a mom to come up with this one. What started as a search for a child’s ski jacket turned in to Monster Coats, an adorable line of fun, furry outerwear that kids love for the style and parents love for the machine washable, lightweight materials. Proudly made in the US, Monster Coats (and hats) are available in limited quantities this year and make a unique, fun gift. These coats are so cute that adults want them, too! (Here’s more of the story.)


Production is limited this year to children’s sizes, however the start-up company out of St. Louis is looking at expanding the line to include adult sizes. This holiday season, get them while you can so your kids will look cool and stay warm!



One Response

  1. These look great. I just finished shopping for winter coats for my kids at Burlingtoncoatfactory.com. They had great deals and I love the styles they have there.

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