Texting While Driving…It Can Wait

Just yesterday I was catching up on the news during my flight and was saddened to hear of another tragic car accident caused by the driver losing control of the vehicle. Why? Texting while driving. It’s a story that has become too common, but one that we can stop. Next week, on September, 19th, join me spread the word to save lives. All four major cell phone carriers and 200+ other partner organizations have come together on It Can Wait, a national push to stop texting while driving. The fundamental objective? Save lives. Share the It Can Wait message on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, take the pledge and encourage your family, friends and audience to take the pledge as well.

att text drive

Join #ItCanWait and @ATT for Drive 4 Pledges Day! Take the pledge to never text and drive again at ItCanWait.com. I hope you will spread the word on social media, especially on Thursday, September 19th. Here are a few quick and easy ways to help:


Get on Instagram to share the It Can Wait message. Join thousands of other Instagrammers with this fun, easy way to support the movement:

  • Write #ItCanWait on your hand and take a photo of it
  • Upload to Instagram with #ItCanWait
  • Tell your followers why you’ve taken the pledge to never text and drive again—feel free to tag your friends!
  • See other people’s reasons to not text and drive streamed all day long on September 19th on ItCanWait.com

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs

Sample Posts – feel free to copy and paste!

  • No text is worth a life! Take the pledge to never text & drive again at ItCanWait.com #ItCanWait
  • Speak up. Speak out. Join Drive 4 Pledges Day on September 19th with #ItCanWait and @ATT. ItCanWait.com
  • There’s a lot of reasons to not text while driving. Share yours with #ItCanWait and take the pledge at ItCanWait.com.
  • Is your life worth more than a text? Take the #ItCanWait pledge to never text and drive again at ItCanWait.com

Thank you for your support.

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