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Why I’m OK With A 1D Obsession (And Love the New Movie)

There was a time when I was concerned about my daughter’s obsession with One Direction.  She spoke of them as if they were personal friends, memorizing every life fact about the five boys in the band.  There was so much talk of One Direction that I even bribed her with money to go 6 hours without saying something about One Direction.  Not surprisingly, she lost the challenge and I kept my money.  Over time and after attending three of their concerts, I developed an appreciation for the boy band.  I realized that an obsession with a band is just part of growing up as a ‘tween or teen girl and there are so many other bands I wouldn’t want my daughter to pine over or obsess about all the time. One Direction is actually a band that I can share with my daughter, a true One Directioner.  Their music is fun, it’s clean and, as I recently learned in person, the boys are really nice guys.

one d
This week in NYC I was fortunate enough to see the preview of the One Direction movie, One Direction: This is Us.  I laughed, I cried and I cheered for the 5 guys.  As an avid moviegoer,  I have to admit that it was a really good movie.  It wasn’t your normal concert documentary.  Instead, Director Morgan Spurlock captured the story of the journey from the stage of “X Factor UK” to their global fame today.  He portrays Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis and Zayn as normal teenagers who followed their passion for music by auditioning for the Simon Cowell show and never returning home.  In fact, at one sensitive time in the movie, Louis’s mother sadly shared that her son has only been home for 5 days in the past three years.  Moviegoers get a real sense of how hard the boys have worked and how crazy has been their journey to fame.  Even non-fans will find this film interesting.

one d 4
I had the opportunity to speak to Morgan Spurlock along with the boys of One Direction about the film.  I asked Spurlock about his decision to include so many scenes with the family members of the band.  Probably the most moving moment of the film is when one of the grandmothers suggests she’ll wear ear plugs and attend a future concert.  I’ll admit that I cried when Zayn purchased a home for his mother and sisters.  Spurlock explained that he believed it was important to show the journey that the entire family has taken and how fame has affected each of them.  He continued by saying, “I wanted to show the sacrifice these families have made in light of it all.”
one d 2
Showcasing themselves as normal guys was the most important goal for the band members.  In our interview, Liam explained, “we just wanted the film to show that we are like any other teenagers doing crazy, silly things.”   The film totally hits their target of communicating this in a fun and light-hearted manner that keeps the audience laughing.
one d 5
I left One Direction: This is Us thinking that it’s a really great vehicle for moms and daughters to share a fun and meaningful outing.  The movie opens on Friday, August 30. If you are looking for a special time to share with your daughter, I highly recommend a trip to the theatre to see One Direction: This is Us.  


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  1. When I was a teenager, I saved my baby sitting money to buy records (remember them?) of the bands that were out at the time. Going to a concert was such an amazing experience! Your daughter sure is lucky to have a mom who is willing to take her and has influence to meet the band! wow! It’s great to hear they are nice guys. After hearing about Miley…yikes! What a heartbreak for little girls who have idolized her.

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