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So Many Toys…And Snoopy, Too!

I love working with toy brands (who wouldn’t want to see and play with all of the latest toys and gadgets?), so I was thrilled to attend The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite, hosted by Laurie (@TheToyInsiderMom), Charlene (@CharChronicles), Joey (@RealMomMedia) and the Big Toy Book Team (@TheBigToyBook). Some of the best brands in the toy business were showing new products at this amazing event; toys that are going to be this holiday’s must-haves.

Walking through the suite, I had a great time checking out fun, interactive toys – both new and classics – and spending time with Snoopy. (Thanks for having popcorn on hand so I could browse while feasting on my favorite snack!) Here are a few highlights:


Kids love Hexbugs®! The new Nano V2 and really cool habitat sets will keep them entertained for hours! There’s even a waterborn Hexbug® called the Aquabot. Available in two body styles, and ten translucent colors, the HEXBUG Aquabot Shark & Clown Fish are equipped with an automatic on and off sensor that activates when submerged in water, a design element meant to get kids thinking about the science behind the robot. In water, the colorful HEXBUG Aquabot comes to life swimming around, diving and changing directions to explore its environment.

HEXBUG_Image_Aquabot Clown Fish Group

Megabrands showed a few of their hottest toys for boys and girls. In the “classics” category, I loved the Magic Fun Dough (except around carpets). The classic music toy meets technology in the Billy Beats Magic Piano for little ones. For older children, the Barbie® Build ‘n Style Super Star Stage for girls looks fabulous and for boys, Hot Wheels™ of course! The Mega Bloks® Hot Wheels™ collection for Fall 2013 was on display, and a very popular table!

hotwheelsbillybeatsThe popular Skylanders brand showed their newest version: “Swap Force”. The game introduces a compelling play pattern – dynamic swapability — that lets gamers transform 16  SWAP Force inter-action figures into more than 250 unique characters by swapping the top and bottom halves of the toys.

Skylanders SWAP Force Logo
Thank you The Big Toy Book team, Charlene, Joey and Laurie for a fabulous Sweet Suite! I enjoyed browsing through so many fabulous toys and games, making an appearance during your live broadcast at the event and chatting with you all . You have your finger on the pulse of moms and it shows through events like this one. I know how hard you worked; thank you for including me and for sending along the post-event toy box.


3 Responses

  1. I was so sorry to miss this event. Oh and I love Snoopy! Where’s your picture with him?

  2. It was so much fun to hang out with you! We live too close not to do it again soon!

  3. Speaking as an ex blue suit mom who is now downsizing, and who wants to sell her part of her beloved 30+ year old snoopy collection to someone who would appreciate it (snoopy and Woodstock touch town telephone in original box, Snoopy telephone and lamp also in original box, Snoopy lying on watermelon bank), does anyone have any suggestions?

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