Disney Magic Wows Social Media Moms

Putting the last four days in review will take more than double the days! Every event, from the general sessions for mom influencers to family events that pleased all ages, the 4th Disney Social Media Moms Conference was a fabulous experience. I’m going to start at the end, working back from the fantastic Mother’s Day breakfast on Sunday to Saturday’s Princess Merida coronation! We were close enough to the stage but I stayed back on the curb, when look how Merida arrived at her coronation!

disney merida 1

So close to Merida, we could have touched (we didn’t) and smelled (we did) the horse! Wow!

It’s hard to say who impressed me more: Princess Merida (and all 11 princesses) or Gabby Douglas and her mom!

Disney merida stage

Amazing (mom-inspired) entertainment at the Mother’s Day breakfast on Sunday morning.

Disney mothers day breakfast

More posts on the way!

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for this post Maria! Looking forward to more installments 😉

  2. The Mother’s Day breakfast was truly amazing. Spending the day with my mom and my girls (and family) was everything I could have hoped for. You and your team are AWESOME.

  3. I have so many drafts written down for posts . . . waiting a few days to ensure I didn’t forget anything! Thanks so much for a LOVELY conference!

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