Fun Games for Kids from Patch Products

My family loves games and puzzles. Video games, Board games, card games and puzzles with a bazillion pieces. A few of the games that caught my attention at the Toy Fair recently are from Patch Products, a family-owned company that has developed high-quality and award-winning products that provide fun and interaction. From younger children to tweens and teens (and the whole family), there are plenty of options.

In the popular pirate theme, Don’t Rock the Boat is a game that lets children imagine they are pirates as they try to balance penguins on the game “board”, which is actually a pirate ship. Another game I know kids love is Flingin’ Frogs. Children can launch miniature frogs onto five tiers of lily pads. Farkle Flip, The Card-Flipping, Risk-Taking Card Game, Patch puts a new spin on the popular family game by using cards only.  Flash & Furious is geared for the older crowd (12 and up) and involves answering questions at lightning speed, all centered around a custom Flasher stand.

There are so many terrific games from Patch, perfect for all of the birthdays and other occasions we need to buy for year round.



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