A Summer of Fun at Oasis Day Camps

As a mother of four children, I have experienced my fair share of day and resident summer camps over the years. That’s why I always share the information when I find a good one! Oasis Day Camp, with programs in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, offers summer day camps that give your child a summer full of fun.  Campers get the opportunity to be active, think creatively and discover new friendships that will last a lifetime.

There are two different types of summer camps at Oasis, a traditional summer camp program for children between the ages of four and eleven and a program called Teen Travel. As a mother of a ‘tween, I really like this one, which is designed for young adults between the ages of twelve and fourteen. This is a tough age to accommodate, when most tweens are not interested in camp, but are still young enough to need daily activities (and they secretly enjoy them). Teen Travel schedules are centered on The Arts, Outdoor Education, Swimming, Sports and Teambuilding. Check out the website at OasisChildren.com for more information on camps in specific areas of New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.


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