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Razor Brand – Scooters and Much More

We all know Razor as the very popular brand of scooter that practically every child owns. I have quite a few Razors in my garage. At their Toy Fair booth, I found out about the latest wheeled toys and a surprise entry in the toy category that kids will love! We got to see a few of the dozens of fun products, from kick scooters to electric ride-ons. Check out the video to see Ali test-driving these products and Sheena showing off the newest Vapor in what was a very fun booth. Visit razor.com for product and purchase information.

We loved the newest in blaster pistols from Razor. The Vapor Atlas 250 features real trigger action, shoots up to 60 feet and fires up to 50 rounds of Gel Ammo. The ammo evaporates on impact, requires no clean up (a definite plus) and is friendly to the environment.

The Flash Rider 360 – the three-wheeled ride-on toy of my childhood is now equipped with a sparking feature and caster wheels that let children make cool spin-out and around moves.

The single-foot skate looks like a blast! Basically, a skateboard for each foot that is compact and can easily fit in a backpack.


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