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Who Gets to Use the Sony?

In a household full of ‘tweens and teens, electronics are king. Who gets to use the latest and greatest gadgets is an ongoing debate, with the newest (and very cool) item in the house causing much of that discussion. We’re discovering the versatility and fun of the Sony Streaming Player, a very small box that turns any TV into a smart TV.  Using existing connections, the Streaming Player lets us choose from online movies, TV, music and much more, all for only $69 – a great price!

My son and I love the music choices for workouts (he loves the Pandora setup) and we all love the movies and shows whenever we want to watch them. USB devices connect directly through the player, which lets us plug in our own devices. The Streaming Player with Wi-Fi uses our existing high-speed internet connection to instantly deliver movies, TV episodes, videos and music from Netflix®, YouTube, Amazon on Demand, Pandora®, Hulu Plus, Video Unlimited, Crackle and more. Plus, now you can post or tweet what you’re viewing on Facebook® and Twitter™ with Socialize™.

If you’re looking for the highest quality HD video and the ability to connect your USB devices directly, the Sony Streaming Player with Wi-Fi is a great, reasonably-priced choice. We love it.


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