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New Products I Found at Editor’s Showcase

At the recent Editor’s Showcase that focused on Cooking and Entertainment, I found terrific brands and products from a wide range of companies. I’ll be sharing my best finds with you here, starting with truRoots and Kashi.


truRoots offers the Accents Sprouted Trios: Quinoa, Trio and Rice. Quinoa Trio is a playful medley of organic red, black, and white quinoa, naturally-sprouted to release their full nutritional potential and activating natural enzymes with delicious nutty flavor. Sprouted Lentil Trio: a blend of organic black, brown, and green lentils, sprouted to increase availability of nutrients and quicker cooking. Fresh tasting, three-tone look inspire delicious dishes. Sprouted Rice Trio is an exclusive ensemble of germinated brown rice, germinated red rice and quick-cooking wild rice. Fragrant, delicious, nutty flavor and a mosaic of colors make this a unique healthy exceptional side dish or base of a special meal. For more info, go to truroots.com.


A popular brand at my house and in my office, Kashi introduced new products at the showcase.  For info, go to Kashi.com.


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