Become a Wonderopolis Family

Have you ever wondered why flamingos are pink? Or why do you blow out a candle on your birthday?  Or can an apple a day, really chase the doctor away?

Wonderopolis answers these questions every day! This year old site was created by the National Center for Family Literacy as a place where parents could encourage the world of discovery for their children.

Each morning, Wonderopolis answers a Wonder of the Day.  These wonders give you and your children a chance to learn a little something new each day.

Do you have something you have been wondering?  You can nominate your wonder for a future Wonder of the Day!

Wonderopolis is currently searching for three families and two teachers to become the voice of Wonderopolis.   To learn more about becoming a Wonder Family or Teacher, check out Wonderopolis. But act quickly because applications are due by Saturday, October 22, 2011.  Good luck!


One Response

  1. Hi, Maria! Thank you SO MUCH for your help in getting the word out about America’s Wonder Year Adventure 2012!

    Wonder Families and Wonder Teachers will plant the seeds for the Wonderopolis community to grow. By sharing how their families and classrooms learn, these community leaders will inspire others to explore and experience the power of discovery, creativity and imagination in their own lives.

    Here’s a link to the application:

    Thanks again! 🙂

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