High Quality, Fast Printing with Epson

If there is a downside to hiring new employees, it’s the setup of an office space. Earlier this year, we expanded to the neighboring suite, which meant purchasing desks, chairs, and certainly new desktops, laptops and printers. In most of these categories, the choices seemed endless. However, the choice of printer was easy: the Epson WorkForce 840 made the most sense for our needs. The name is the best description, although an accurate description of work horse applies, too. We have brought many print jobs in house now that we’ve seen the Epson’s quality and reliability. We’ve saved time and money printing 2-sided, color, and custom-sized print material. The all-in-one features are crucial to our office, and the built-in WiFi and Ethernet allows anyone in the office to use the Epson.

The professional quality color, fast print speeds and 500-sheet capacity make this printer a high-end product for small businesses. The touch control panel makes it easy to use. I also like the Energy Star rating and the eco-features that save paper and energy. For the price, it’s worth it!

For more information, go to Epson.com and visit their Facebook (facebook.com/EpsonAmerica), Twitter (twitter.com/epsonamerica) and YouTube (youtube.com/EpsonTV).


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  1. I own this printer, i bought it from the manufacturer’s site directly since it wasn’t available at amazon at the time i wanted it.

    This printer is awesome in every imaginable way you can think of. And it can help you save a lot of money of you really want the all in one capabilty. Read on and i’ll explain how an why.
    First things first, the printer is way smaller than the HP Laserjet 2840 i own too, it’s not heavy at all, and it looks great. The text printing on this Epson truly looks like a laser printer. The color is fantastic to, i even print photos on glossy photo paper and they look amazing. The scanner is fast and very good too. It allows you to scan and print both sides of docs at once, no manual interference needed.
    I was looking for a printer that would give me great photo printouts as well as it could be used as a work printer since i do print lots of documents as well. I also wanted to buy a Fujitsu Scansnap 1500 for fast double sided multisize document scanning capabilities, Well this epson gives me all that and much more, and for less than half what the scansnap costs. I use adobe acrobat pro to scan docs to PDF directly from the epson scanner(could not do this with the scansnap) and all that is done wirelessly, i can also fax any document right from my computer just like i print them.
    Bottom line, for $200 you’re getting a very fast high quality printer scanner fax and both-sides copy machine as well as the card readers and a lot more, the ink seems to last, and this printer comes with the highest capacity cartridges, which seem to yield a lot. So now i solved my scanning, pc faxing and photo printing needs all in one small very good a nice machine. And i saved whatever a photo printer costs, plus the $430 for the scansnap s1500, and i get laser quality text as well as (N) wireless conectivity from my printer. What else could i ask for?

    Note: My comparison with the scansnap s1500 are not based on web reviews, i actually bought a scansnap which i later returned since i get the same if not better results with this printer.
    Also, i’ve owned canon photo printers and i still have a huge HP color laserjet 2840. So my comparisons and references are based on actual usage of all equipment mentioned.
    My recommendation, buy this one and you’ll be very pleased.

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