Ok, it’s time for Dad! (giveaway)

You all know that our focus is Moms. From MomTV to MommyParties, BlueSuitMom to MomSelect (and more), our office is all about working with moms, empowering moms, supporting moms. Mother’s Day and National Mom’s Nite Out are in the books ’til next year, and we’re on to the next project, mom conference, webinar, etc. But wait. What are we forgetting?…..Of course, it’s Father’s Day this Sunday! There are tons of great ideas for gifts from the homemade to the unique. What are you planning for the man or men in your life? We found this great giveaway from Discovery Bay Games:


What are your plans for Father’s Day? Do you celebrate with more than one dad in your life? We’d love to hear from you, and if you know of a giveaway this week, post a link! Tell your men we said Happy Father’s Day.

4 Responses

  1. My husband is the most amazing father I could have ever dreamed up for my children. He is no super-hero, he doesn’t make a million dollars, he doesn’t lavish his children with their every wish; but what he does do is love his children unconditionally. After working a long and exhausting day; he comes home and rather than laying down or relaxing on the couch, he runs to the kids. He takes them outside and runs around, kicks the ball, takes them on a bike ride, and yes even has tea parties with them. He is kind and caring, he can fix all boo boo’s with a kiss and hug, and he is always there for them when they need to talk. My husband is my kids’ super hero!

    I thank the lord above every single day for giving me such an amazing man, father, husband, and friend.

  2. We can’t give us mom all the credit for our beautiful children!

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