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Run, Princesses, Run!

As many of my readers know, I love exercise. To be more precise, I love running. With marathon season about to start again, I’m kicking off with the Disney Princess Half Marathon this weekend, Feb 26th and 27th. What’s different about this race, other than it’s a half marathon and I run full marathons, is that I’ll be running with six of the BSM Media team and a group of media moms who write about fitness, family and more on their blogs. Since I’ve run the Princess Half before, I know they will feel spoiled by the Disney treatment, as this race is fun to run! Starting at Epcot, circling through Cinderella’s Castle and back to Epcot, with characters and entertainment along the route to keep runners moving, it’s an event filled with Disney magic.

Before Christmas, the talk around the office water cooler centered on getting in shape and having a goal in mind. After a little questioning, I found out that the six women decided to train for a race and the Disney Princess Half Marathon provided the perfect time and venue. What are more interesting in my conversations with the group were the different motivations for each of them, from a milestone birthday to getting back in shape to staying in shape, the training has been a true team effort. It’s been fun watching the progress as each runner posts her progress on a training schedule calendar.

In addition to the BSM Media team running the race (me, Laura, Amy, Mary, Melanie and Megan), Jessie Sebor from Women’s Running magazine will run with us, as well as media-savvy moms from around the country. Donning their tiaras, tutus and assorted princess attire for the race are Amy  (selfishmom.com), Rachel (runningbackwardsinhighheels.com), Christie  (Chatterbox.com), Deborah  from the Walt Disney World Moms Panel, Heather  (runfastermommy.com), Kayte  (Longlegsontheloose.com), Lisa (WorkoutMommy.com), Lorraine (AskWifey.com), Monica  (TravelingMom.com), Renee  (CutieBootyCakes.com) and Tonia  (RacingwithBabies.com). For even more inspiration, Lorraine and Christie are launching a “Get Moving!” initiative, a series of total body wellness initiatives for women dedicated to getting healthy and inspiring others to do the same.

With this cast of princesses, race weekend will be lots of fun! Watch for photos and updates here after the race.


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  1. I wish you good luck with the new marathon. It is what you love to do.

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