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Moms, Keep the Happy in Thanksgiving

Can you believe Thanksgiving week is here? Driving in to work this morning I heard holiday songs on a local radio station, and my inbox is already full with Black Friday advertisements and specials. Thanksgiving in our house means the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and football…lots and lots of football. So whether I’m cooking the big dinner or bringing food to a relative’s dinner, I’ll be in charge of the appetizers while the family watches football, and I’ll certainly bring a few side dishes and desserts to my host.

For many moms, Thanksgiving and the holidays in general start out fun but quickly become exhausting between all of the shopping, cleaning, cooking and let’s not forget keeping tabs on/entertaining the children who are out of school.  To avoid the stress and exhaustion that can sabotage your holidays, take a look at a few tips that will help you enjoy the festivities, too!

1. Make a list. Or many lists. I’ve already started a few that include the grocery shopping, decorations and my Black Friday gift list! A list will make sure you are not making multiple trips for forgotten items, and can also help you delegate if, like me, you have 3 teenage drivers and a husband who can all run to the store armed with a specific list.

1.    Cook ahead. Whether you are cooking for 5 or 25, there are dozens of online recipe sites where you can find recipes that can be made a day or two ahead of the big dinner. A spinach dip or side dish that can be prepared the night (or two) before is a great time saver. You’ll be glad to heat and serve the potatoes or stuffing when the rest of the dinner is ready.

2.    Recruit helpers. Moms take on most of the cooking and cleaning tasks, then wonder why they are too tired to enjoy the food! Let your older children set the table, fill water glasses, clear the table, wash dishes, etc. When a guest offers to stir the gravy, hand over the spoon!

3.    Don’t worry. Most relatives and friends are just happy to be with you and your family, and that they aren’t cooking! The things that  make you crazy are usually the ones no one notices, so relax and enjoy.

4.    Most of all, remember to be thankful. In all of the hustle, be grateful for the relatives and friends gathered to celebrate with you and your family.

Happy Thanksgiving!


2 Responses

  1. It seems like it was just Halloween, where does time go. We are planning a quite little dinner when my husband get in, he has to work Thanksgiving day. A little sad about that, but certainly thankful he has a job.

  2. Great post. Great encouragement.
    We are seperated from most of our family this year so our Thanksgiving will be quiet small – but very Thankful.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!! 🙂

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