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Barbie’s Newest Movie is a “Fashion Fairytale”

(Since my daughters are a bit beyond the Barbie phase, I’ve asked Mary on my team to review with her two daughters.)

When we had the chance to review the Barbie DVD, my youngest daughter (let’s call her D) thought it was her birthday! Of my two girls, the youngest is the true “girly girl” who likes all things sparkly and beelines it to the shoe department for the kicks with the most bling.

Naturally, D loves Barbie. We have several Barbie dolls and accessories, and the more elaborate the outfit the better. It should come as no surprise, then, that Barbie’s foray into the fashion houses of Paris in the DVD, “A Fashion Fairtytale”, was perfect for her. So perfect that we ended up in a major retailer the day after watching the movie, and D spotted the Fashion Fairytale Barbie from about 50 yards away. Assuming the goal is to sell the new Barbie with the release of the DVD, it worked. Let’s not forget the Glitterizer wardrobe playset. Luckily, D has an October birthday and Grandma is always looking for gift ideas, so that item stayed on the shelf. Now, for the movie.

D with her Fashion Fairytale Barbie

In this colorfully animated story, what starts as a movie role for Barbie turns into a trip to Paris to recoup from getting fired and *gasp* Ken breaking up with her.  In Paris, Barbie goes to work to design a new fashion line of gowns that will save Aunt Millicent’s shop from a certain end. With help from friends, Flairies and dogs, Barbie organizes the fashion show (the movie finale) where Ken also makes it to Paris just in time to clear up the “break-up” misunderstanding. In the end, Barbie triumphs over personal and professional adversity.

Even though D is a bit young for some of the themes in the movie, she loved the outfits, Sequin the dog and the Flairies. Most of the plot (and subplots) sailed right over her head, but she loved the movie anyway. Dogs and pretty dresses were the highlight. My oldest daughter watched the movie as well, and the themes in the movie actually provided good talking points for us (prevailing over adversity, loyalty, misunderstandings, etc.)

The biggest hit, other than the dogs and dresses, was the theme song at the end, “Get Your Sparkle On” . A very cute, catchy song that everyone was singing by the end of the 2nd replay of the movie!


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  1. this is a beautiful doll mavie

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