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Packing for Summer Camp

It’s hard to believe that this school year is over, and summer is finally here! For millions of kids across the country, and for the four in my house, summer means camps of all kinds: day camps for sports and arts, a session of summer school and a sleep away camp for my youngest daughter.  I’m almost as excited as my daughter for all of the experiences in store for her, from souvenirs and photos to new friends and great memories. As a mom, I also want to make sure she stays safe and healthy. So I’m packing a few things that she can use to bring back only good things from camp!

  • The first items in her bag will be from Zippity Doo’s, a children’s hair care line that prevents head lice. With all of the close quarters in cabins, tents and even at activities, Zippity Doo’s is the perfect preventative solution for head lice. Made from natural ingredients, Zippity Doo’s shampoo, conditioner, detangler and shield spray smell great and my daughter likes the products. Find Zippity Doo’s at ZippityDoos.com, CVS.com and soon at Target.com.
  • Proper clothing and shoes – depending on the type of camp, pack the appropriate clothing, swimwear and footwear. Don’t forget the hoodie-type sweatshirt for cooler nights and foul weather gear (a lightweight poncho works well as it’s lightweight and easy to pack).
  • A medicine/first aid kit with items like band-aids and Benadryl, as well as a supply of BioGaia probiotic chewable tablets. Kids love these tablets, especially with upset tummies from eating too much popcorn and s’mores!
  • We always pack something fun that can be traded or given to new friends at camp. This year, the hottest trend is Silly Bands, the colorful, shaped bands that are also bracelets. We have a few packages already in the pile of items to pack, and we even found an online source for tee shirts with the Silly Bands shapes! At LikeWear.com, we were able to order two shirts (one for daughter, one for best friend) for under $20!

Summer camp is always a great memory maker for kids, and I’m excited for my daughter’s trip to North Carolina. I know a great time is in store, and with proper planning and packing, I won’t worry so much when she is three states away!


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  1. Always get in contact with the camp for a packing list. In my 14 years of experience I can assure you that having your child’s name on their clothes/shoes/water bottles etc. is extremely helpful!
    Also get you little camper involved in helping you pack up! It is a great way to help build independence and shows them how to organize!

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