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Grant Program Offers Opportunities for Moms

As most Moms know, we have actual babies and children, and then we have other “babies” – a business, a hobby or an idea that we nurture along with our families. For me, I have one particular baby, recently born, that has taken over two years of development! This baby is a program called Huggies® MomInspired™, and it’s an opportunity for Moms to take an idea or invention to the next level.

Huggies® MomInspired™ is a grant program, with the support and backing of Kimberly-Clark, offering up to $15,000 to further the development of innovative products inspired by motherhood. The idea for Huggies MomInspired started when I heard company representatives talking about the next great inventions and how to find them. My question to these corporate executives was a simple one. If you want to get the best ideas for moms, why not reach out to moms to encourage and cultivate the creative process? What better pool of talent? After all, so many of the best inventions have come from moms, usually in response to a practical problem.

Throughout my personal and professional journey as a working mom, I have met so many unique, amazing women who can be called “mompreneurs”, from Jennifer Cherry, who created B-natal® TheraPops™ after she battled her own morning sickness, to Vianka Belyea and Tavinder Phull who founded Rhoost, a line of stylish baby safety equipment when they couldn’t find quality products on the market.

Huggies MomInspired is the realization of a dream for me. For years, I’ve connected companies with the powerful mom market, and along the way have advised senior corporate execs on how to reach these moms in meaningful conversations, and to look to moms for terrific ideas. Now, they are doing just that through this grant program. As so many Moms have inspired me over the years, this is a chance for payback.

Take your “baby”, that idea you’ve drawn on the back of an envelope or the sketch on a napkin that you’ve tucked away, and nurture it with a grant. Go to www.huggiesmominspired.com for information. The submission deadline is June 9th.

Good luck!


2 Responses

  1. As a working mom with my own maternity activwear brand, Fit2Bmom, I would have loved to have been awarded this type of grant when I first started out. This is truly an amazing opportunity which I’m sure will lead to many great and inspired ideas. I am looking forward to finding out who will be the recipient of this grant and what their new product will be!

  2. Hi Maria,
    Great blog. Just found it today. I’m a mompreneur too and run an HR consulting business from my home in Richmond, VA. My son is 6 and we used to travel by car a lot to visit family. On the road I always wondered why there couldn’t be vending machines with baby products and essentials? Wouldn’ they be useful at rest stops, airports, even malls? Just an idea – you are welcome to run with it.

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