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Dining at Disney a Delicious Treat

When you think of Disney, you think of rides, characters and entertainment, geared to the kids, of course! Food is often an afterthought, as in “How am I going to get us fed while we wait for our FastPass time?” However, my latest trip to Disney – the “5 Stars to Mickey Bars” – had a foodie twist that put a spotlight on food options and made me think about dining as more than fast food. For anyone who knows me, I talk a lot about food, and certainly love to eat. However, I’m very careful about the food that I put into my body. I’m often called a picky eater, but as a marathon runner and fitness buff, I prefer to be called a fanatic for healthy food. From clean foods to super foods like spinach, blueberries and salmon.

The cool, colorful bar of The Flying Fish

So I was delighted to spend a Disney weekend with a focus on cuisine. For as many times as I’ve visited Disney parks, I thought I had dined at every restaurant on the Disney map. I was pleased to learn about so many more dining spots and discover the choices and variety in many of the wonderful restaurants. (I’ve heard friends and family say my ordering process at a restaurant is…unique.) Even my finicky palate was pleased with our dinner at The Flying Fish, which I enjoyed along with Disney pal Laura Spencer, Resourceful Mommy Amy Bair, and plenty of Mom friends. My tasty salmon crab cakes and dessert of sorbet and fruit were wonderful and healthy!

Healthy food is important to me and my family. I was glad to find out that a few years ago, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts announced that well-balanced meals for children would become standard offerings at Disney-operated restaurants and kiosks. Disney also strives to accommodate visitors with special dietary needs or restrictions. From dairy-free ice cream and vegetarian tacos to salads and kosher meals, healthy choices and necessary menu items are abundant for children and adults.

So, the next time you are in Disney, don’t forget to enjoy the food along with all of the entertainment. Whether you are dining in one of the top restaurants or grabbing food on the go, you can be assured of a healthy meal. You’ll also be amazed at the number of restaurant and food kiosk options available – 11 pages worth! So take the time to scroll through the list at http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/restaurants.  Even the pickiest eater (like me) can find a meal to suit their taste in the Walt Disney World Parks.

(Walt Disney  World provided complimentary accommodations and dinner at The Flying Fish.)


2 Responses

  1. You are so right.. when I think of Disney dining I think of the Carnation food court (at Disneyland).. burgers, fries, Coke. Great heads up and post!

  2. I’m embarrassed to say, we’ve never eaten at the Flying Fish, but I am going to have to add it to our reservations now! The bar is beautiful.

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