Caio, Buon Villaggio!

As you read this, I’m traveling in Italy! While my US-based business travel is not glamorous and generally consists of sightseeing on my morning runs, there is one type of business travel I do enjoy – international business travel. The international trips are even more exciting for the experience of a different country, its customs and people.  I, along with my travel companion Laura (producer of Mom Talk Radio, long-time team member and friend) will certainly take the time after our business meetings to see the sights and enjoy Milan and other Italian cities. I’m even more excited about the opportunity we’ll have to meet some of the top mom bloggers in Italy as I host my MomTV show live from Milan on Monday at 1 p.m. EST!

For this excursion, the business part of the trip has a bit more significance.  My business is expanding on an international level, as companies continue to realize the impact and power of WAHMs, SAHMs and working Moms everywhere. A recent article in an Italian publication, l’Espresso, included an article about BSM Media and the concept behind my book, “Moms 3.0” – engaging today’s moms through new media and technology. Can you read Italian?

I’ve been traveling with a passport since I was 8 years old and along the way have picked up a few tips to keep me prepared: always have a small amount of converted funds before you go for that snack or drink en route, use a backpack as your carry-on, add international phone service to your plan, and my personal favorite – bring small candies to make friends with children of the country you are visiting. Also, join MedJet before you leave. I recently discovered this membership via  Membership allows you to be transported to a hospital of your choice anywhere in the world in the event you are injured while out of the country.

I always seem to sneak in at least a couple international trips each year and this year is not different.  After this trip to Italy, my travels in the next few months will take me to Russia, Norway, the Bahamas and perhaps Indonesia – some business, some family vacation.  I’m looking forward to the learning environment that different countries offer, even as a seasoned traveler. And I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes in Italy.

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  1. You go girl – travel, make money and enjoy! What could be better.
    About to do the same myself to Paris and Bordeaux – my 2nd home.

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