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Kids and Chores at Spring Cleaning Time

As we enter the month of April, it’s time for spring cleaning.  Task lists will be written and households decluttered and organized, as moms and dads everywhere vow to conquer the clutter for good. But what about the rest of the year? Wouldn’t the annual ritual of spring cleaning be easier if the smaller jobs were assigned as chores and the entire family pitched in? Ideally, the house and kids’ rooms stay clean, with the more important benefits of teaching life skills, work ethic and money management through allowances.

With so many options and free resources, establishing a system for chores and responsibilities is easier than ever. The standard chore chart on paper is always safe, and now many households have the task lists on a home computer, with many online resources offering printable charts.  Recently, I discovered myjobchart.com, which takes the concept one step further. Children can access their account and keep track of their responsibilities, with an email sent to an inbox or phone letting parents know when a task has been completed. If the challenge is to motivate kids to do their work, a computer-based system will do it, along with the weekly payout of allowance!

In our house, each child has a different number of chores with age-appropriate levels of responsibility. My kids are pretty good at keeping track of their stuff since I started a chore/allowance system fairly early in our household.  While different rewards motivate them, they know there will be consequences if the chores aren’t finished on time – if I have to do a lot of cleaning, I do a lot of tossing.

As it is, I’m always cleaning things out of closets, cars and the garage.  It’s amazing how fast items accumulate with six people in our house. On a recent cleaning spree, I confess to finding an 18-year old wedding present on the top shelf of a hall closet.  We shared a laugh about the long-lost wedding gift, and my children promptly turned the tables on me when they suggested I donate it to a local charity to reduce the clutter in the closet. Those funny kids.

(MyJobChart.com is a client of BSM Media,Inc.


2 Responses

  1. Such a great article and just in time for Spring Cleaning. The job chart tool has generated some excitement with my kids and they are helping me come up with some jobs.
    WOW! Who would have ever known that they would get excited about cleaning.
    Thanks for your timely suggestions!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Primrose Schools. Primrose Schools said: @MomTalkRadio has some great tips to help get the whole family involved with spring cleaning! http://tinyurl.com/y5j47de […]

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