Sharing your passions

I love running. In fact you could accuse me of being passionate about running.  It’s my sanity. There’s something about sharing your passion with someone else regardless of whether it’s a food, hobby or television show.  As moms, we inherently like to share.  It’s what we do best.  Share information. Share recipes. Share parenting advice.  Share happy times and sad times.

This month, I got to share my passion for running. First, I shared it with my 14-year-old son who ran his first ½ marathon with me in the New Orleans Rock-N-Roll marathon.  Then I was able to share my passion for running with a group of moms at my favorite place on Earth- Walt Disney World.

It started over a year ago when a fellow mom and runner, Laura Spencer of Disney and I talked about the fun of running with tiaras through the roads of Disney.  But anyone who knows me and particularly those who know Laura know that we don’t do anything without a whole bunch of celebration and excitement. We talked about how fun it would be to invite some of the moms we interact with on Twitter to join us in our training to run 13.1 miles.

Much to our surprise, it didn’t take a whole bunch of arm twisting to convince them that it would be fun.  So we invited athletic-minded moms like Carla (MizFitOnline), Debi  (The Mojo Coach), Lorraine (Ask Wifey)  and Lisa (workoutmommy) to dust off their running shoes and start pounding the payment.  My greatest learning early on was that there are all types of fitness moms.  Assuming a former body builder, or a nutritionist and fitness author were natural runners was wrong.

Each of us has our niche as athletes and assuming Carla would want to become a career marathoner is like assuming Michael Phelps would be a great golfer as well as a swimmer.  She beat me to the finish line but I’m not sure there’s many more miles that she cares to run!  Debi and Lorraine, however, took their unexpected love for running to another level by registering for the NYC marathon.  And hats off to Lisa who ran the race just 12 weeks after giving birth, still nursing and with a breast pump always close at hand.

I’m jumping ahead in the story but suffice it to say, everyone finished the race, crossed the finish line alive and well and received an awesome medal for their efforts.  There’s nothing like a Disney special event and a running event – no exceptions.  Disney added all the touches to the Princess ½ marathon- characters along the race course, the chance to run through Cinderella’s Castle, music along the way and plenty of smiling faces at the ample water stations.  In fact, Disney has racing down to a science, now offering runners a variety of events to test all levels of endurance. Find out schedules and information at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex website.

The next big event is the Inaugural Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon, on October 1st and 2nd, 2010, which is actually a whole weekend of fun and fitness including kids races and a Family Fun Run.

The best part of the story is that our newly formed running pack enjoyed an educational weekend hosted by Disney Sports learning about all the athletic activities Disney has to offer.  We toured the new ESPN Wide World of Sports, experienced the thrill of the ESPN Wide World of Sports/Walt Disney World Speedway. We made sure we spaced out the Speedway ride with the superb food Disney had to offer…all healthy choices of course.

So now, we’re trying to figure out if we can all make another Disney running event. We had so much fun, thanks to Disney and of course, each other. Remember to share your passions…and to pay it forward when someone shares their passions with you.

(Disclosure: Disney provided my accommodations for this event.)


5 Responses

  1. My husband and I have a room reserved at the Boardwalk for the Wine & Dine… I’m only on week three of Couch to 5k so it’s going to take me until October to get ready (saying I’m not a born runner is putting it mildly), but if there’s anywhere I’d want to do it, it’s Disney World! We went down for the marathon weekend a few years ago (my husband did it – I was pregnant, and I’ll use that as my excuse) and the environment, support and motivation was incredible.

  2. Great to see how Disney is emphasizing and supporting family fitness. Makes me want to run through the magic kingdom with my own tiara on. Great post.

  3. I’ve said so many times before but am compelled to say THANK YOU again.
    The whole journey (from shoe buying to being greeted upon arrival back home with a resounding HOW WAS YOUR RACE MAMA???) was simply amazing.

    Food & Wine half?
    Tiarathon again?

    Name the state & date and I’m in!


  4. I’m planning on doing the Danskin Triathlon — your commitment to fitness has inspired me.

  5. We don’t do anything if it’s not over the top!


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