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Twitter for 26.2

This past Sunday, I ran the Miami Marathon. Yes, 26.2 miles in sunny, humid Florida. I won’t complain as many readers wish for sun and warmth this time of year. I had the privilege of being sponsored by Choose Cherries and it was a great fit because dried tart cherries offer runners anti-inflammatory agents that cuts down on soreness.

I’ve run this marathon before, but this marathon was different than year’s past.

It was the first marathon I’ve ever run while tweeting. How can you tweet and run you might ask? Very carefully. I had to master the art of one finger/one hand tweeting and I had to remember to look up between sentences. Thankfully, it doesn’t take too long to type out 140 characters, but you’ll have to excuse the typos, too!

I’ve always wanted to share the thoughts that go through my mind while running 26.2 miles, from the mundane and random (“MomTV show at 8” or “What’s for dinner?”) to the often desperate (“Only halfway through, my feet hurt, why am I doing this again?”) and I got to do just that via Twitter. For those of you who missed it, I’ve pasted in my mile-by-mile tweets below:

Tweeting during the marathon was an interesting experience, with the biggest benefit being distraction. It might become a habit! And yes, even though I question my sanity when muscles are burning at halfway point, I am running another marathon in 2 weeks. Running actually saves my sanity!

(Choose Cherries provided my running outfit.)

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