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A New Year With New Opportunities

As I run to keep up, literally and figuratively, with a busy schedule, I look back at 2009 with gratitude and look forward to 2010 with anticipation.

Last year, my team and I worked with an unbelievably talented and diverse group of people. From stay-at-home/work-at-home and working moms to marketing experts and corporate  partners and many connections in between, we’ve had a great year bringing the groups together on a variety of projects and events. We continue to work with many of our partners again this year, and are excited to add new names and faces to the mix.

Last week, my team members from San Francisco and Raleigh joined the FL corporate crew to talk goals and strategies for 2010. We put together an action plan that uses what works, tweaking (or chucking) what didn’t, and stresses staying ahead of the curve with social media and marketing trends. I have definite opinions about the trends for 2010 (read my article in Media Post).

With our strategies on paper and the first month of the year already half gone, here’s a glimpse of what you can look forward to this year (see below for the many ways to keep posted on opportunities as projects and events roll out).

  • MomTalkRadio, my weekly talk show featuring guests and experts on all things parenting, is now nationally syndicated on RadioAmerica! Go to momtalkradio.com to listen live on Sundays at 8 p.m. or download the podcast.
  • 2nd Annual National Mom’s Nite Out on May 6, 2010. Last year’s event blew away expectations. This year’s event will really rock! Not only is it a great opportunity for moms to socialize, sponsors can promote products and services to the most influential group out there….moms! To find out where moms are celebrating in your area, or to be a sponsor – visit momsniteout.com for information.

Many more exciting projects are in planning phase. Keep up with us through our blogs, websites and our many social media tools:

Twitter: @momtalkradio

Facebook: MomSelect Group and MomTalkRadio Group

Websites: bluesuitmom.com and momselect.com

I wish you a successful, happy and fun 2010!


2 Responses

  1. Happy New Year!

  2. I too am very excited about 2010. I dont feel so new to the blog world anymore and feel like I can get down to business this year. I missed last years moms night out because I was just starting so I look forward to this years.

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