Colin Cowie’s Electrolux Event Wows the Crowd

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the penthouse suite of Colin Cowie, of O Magazine and Oprah Show.  Cowie hosted an Electrolux ICON® event where guests got a first-hand look at his amazing NYC apartment and learned fabulous holiday entertaining tips and recipes.

Tasting Time at Electrolux Event

To say it was an incredible evening is an understatement. He has designed his home not only with elegance but with practicality.  Every detail was thought out, such as pocket doors to hide kitchen areas as well as the most efficient appliances tucked away in the most functional places (an Electrolux wine cooler hidden below the bar!).  Even with the smallness of New York City living, Cowie was able to get double ranges and a warming tray into his galley-like kitchen.

The ovens impressed me with so many functional features, Smooth-GlideOven Racks, Multi-Option Cooking with Temperature Probem and a convection cooking option. With all of the Electrolux appliances, form didn’t necessarily follow function as these ovens and all of the ICON appliances looked like works of art.

Madison, Maria, Katja and Amy

My friends Kim Orlando, Katja Presnal and Amy Oztan were all there capping off great company.  Best of all, I was able to share the evening with my teenage daughter who made the trip to New York with me.  She was more than wowed by the celebrity factor of Colin Cowie.  Colin’s photos with Oprah on his shelf and all the delicious food helped raise the cool quotient for my teenager.

My dream home will have Electrolux appliances throughout it…now to get my hors d’oeuvres presentation to look like Cowie’s and I’ll be ready for any occasion.

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  1. It was so great to see you and meet your beautiful daughter! The evening was fabulous, and I’m still dreaming of the oven and the wine cooler…

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