Billy Ray’s Sandwich Swap Helps Feed the Hungry

Any Mom of older children knows of Billy Ray Cyrus. Maybe it’s from his life as a successful recording artist, but more likely it’s as his role as the TV Dad to real-life daughter Miley Cyrus on the wildly popular Disney show, Hannah Montana. I had the chance to meet Billy Ray at a New York City event, where he was promoting a very worth cause – the Sandwich Swap ‘n Share to benefit Feeding America.

Billy Ray and me in NYC!

Billy Ray and me in NYC!

For every sandwich created on Hellmann’s page on Facebook, Hellmann’s and Best Foods will donate 7 lunches to Feeding America, a network of food banks that supplies food and groceries to more than 25 million Americans each year. Since this program started in August, over 700,000 lunches have been provided to the Feeding America organization. But it’s not too late. You can still visit the Hellmann’s Facebook page, create a sandwich and also have your name entered for a $250 grocery gift card.

Katja and Wendy at Billy Ray Cyrus event

Katja and Wendy at Billy Ray Cyrus event

My friends Katja Presnal and Wendy Stetson joined me for the event and we enjoyed catching up with each other and meeting Billy Ray Cyrus. The fact that Billy Ray is putting his name behind the important and worthy cause of feeding the hungry in America makes him an even bigger star in my book.


2 Responses

  1. Hey, we have a mutual friend — Katja! She and I met on Twitter and became buddies and then we met in person at BlogHer in Chicago this summer. She’s great. So nice to see her here. And kudos to Billy Ray for doing this. What a great cause.

  2. I just learned of Feeding America late in the summer.

    Our family volunteered with an organization here in IL called to help feed the hungry of Northern IL. It was a great experience and we made lots of fun memories as a family.

    It’s great that Billy Ray hosted this event.

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