Why Why, KY???

It’s no secret that Moms who blog are asked to review all sorts of products. Sometimes, they are quite unusual and sometimes you wonder “what am I supposed to say about this product?” Well, last week’s pitch goes down in my book as the craziest pitch to date.

ky intense gelThe product is KY’s Intense Arousal Gel for Her. At least they got my sex right and sent me the correct product sample. I’ve contemplated for almost a week as to what I could say about KY Intense. True, it comes in a cute little black pouch and is in a small, discreet pump container that will get through TSA’s 3.0-ounce screener…but a product review? Does that mean I actually have to use it? Isn’t that a bit too much information for my readers? I guess it’s not nearly as bad as having the box sit on my desk for a week. I wonder what my father-in-law thought when he came to my office to ask me a question. I just hope my kids didn’t see it when they stopped by the office over the weekend to leave me notes on my desk.

So the point of this blog post? I guess to laugh together. To tell you that if you are looking for Her Intimacy- search no further than KY Intense. If you need to pack for play and the TSA, this is your product. To ask future product pushers to make it easier for me and please send me products that I can really share with my readers.

4 Responses

  1. I’m glad someone finally wrote up a bit of something for this… cause some people do have to use this product 🙂

  2. LMAO Maria! You so rawk posting this. I believe you mentioned this on twitter and during the Logitech event but my oh my! These people really love you! lol


  3. This is a hoot, Maria! I belong to the American Society of Journalists and Authors and someone from Toys From Babeland sent a whole bunch of members mini vibrators! To review? Ah, sorry, I don’t think so!

  4. I was interested in some massage oil from Eden Fantasys, but ain’t no way in the world I was gonna write about it, so I bought it, lol.

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