My Work/Life Balance Tips

The lazy days of summer are quickly fading. When the back-to-school ads start popping up, many moms feel bittersweet: the kids are back in school (yeah!) but here come the school schedule, homework, fund raising events, and family obligations. Let’s remember to add in time for mom.

mom back to school

Here are some quick tips and thoughts to help busy moms balance the demands of work, life, family and self.

1)        Define Balance: You don’t know when you get there if you don’t know where you’re going.  Draw a picture of yourself in balance so you know how you define balance.

2)      Values vs. Priorities: Many moms have a long list of tasks that don’t always fulfill their personal values.  Make a list of your individual values and then view it against your priorities today.  Moms feel out of balance when their values and priorities are not aligned.

3)      Do a Time Audit: It works for money.  Many mothers don’t value their time in the same way that they value their money.  If you change your value mentality about time, you will likely possess it differently.

4)      Own Your Stress: No one likes to be told to do something or feel like they are unwillingly being forced to complete a task.  Look at the items on your “to-do” list and ask yourself if you are doing it because you really enjoy doing the task?  You may discover that the tasks causing you stress are actually tasks you enjoy doing. Own it!

5)      Pay it Forward: Repay the favor with other moms before you actually need to ask another mom for a favor. If you happen to be off from work, then volunteer to drive other kids with your children so when you need the same favor later, you’ve already paid it forward.

6)      Create a Good Support System: Look to high school kids and retirees to hire for an extra set of hands.

7)      Cook on Sundays: Meal planning takes a lot of time and effort during the week when you are tired.  Pre-cook meals on Sundays so during the week, you have them ready to go.  Roast a chicken, make some pasta sauce or pre-boil rice and refrigerate for later.

8)      Don’t Forget to Use Your Business Skills at Home: As a working mother, you have organization skills you use in the office. Don’t forget to bring them at home. Use an Inbox and Outbox to direct school paper traffic.  Use postem’s to label calendars with children’s needs and activities.

9)      Exercise: An object in motion stays in motion.  Get your body moving and it will produce the energy you need to juggle it all.

10 )  Don’t forget to laugh.

11 Responses

  1. Awesome points Maria. I especially like 3, 4, and of course 5 — KARMA!!! -Christine

  2. These are great tips! I love #10. 🙂

  3. great tips, especially #9!

  4. Perfect timing to see this post, as I’m trying to establish a firm foundation (i.e., sanity) before the school year kicks in. I like #1, defining balance, because it helps you get from A to B. Balance is not a guessing game, you have to go after it. Thanks Maria!

  5. Good Job,thanks for share.. 😀 😀 visit my Blog Ya 😛

  6. I think if I could accomplish two or three of your points, I will be so much ahead of the game! With my daughter starting her freshman year of high school in about one week, I think a lot of your points will be extremely helpful. I am lucky, however, my husband does ALL the cooking!!!

  7. I love this list, Maria. Thanks!

  8. Before I started a my business, I had my fears that it would take too much of my time away from my kids, I was wrong, it took ALL of my time. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Great post Maria! Particularly the point about paying it forward – not only does this help you out if you need it, sometimes offering to help can be the lifesaver for parents who don’t know how to ask.

  10. My advice; do something constructive and stop worrying about the things you have no control of.
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