Is anyone thirsty?

Recently, I tried two drink products…but not together! I had a chance to try a Fruit2day sample and a cup of Community Coffee. Both were delicious and worth a try…

community coffeeWho doesn’t wake up with a fresh cup of coffee each morning? I sipped on a cup of Community Coffee House Blend which was described as the Medium/Dark Roast flavor. It tasted smooth and rich and deserved a second cup. The company offers traditional blends (which I tried) as well as specialty coffees, chicory (read the history of it on the website) and tea.  Personally, I prefer strong coffee, so I will break open the dark roast flavor next!  The company is very interesting as it’s a 4th-generation, family-owned company that supports worthy causes at local, national, and international levels.  Education, disaster relief, and support of deployed US troops are some of their largest projects. They have an extensive selection, as well as gifts and accessories. All can be ordered online at

littleBottles_2As often as I travel, it can be a challenge to get in the “5-a-day” of fruits and vegetables required (which I also try to exceed.) More importantly, I try to teach my kids to make healthy choices as well. So I was curious about Fruit2day, as it’s supposed to pack two servings of fruit in one personal-sized container.

The website claims, “It’s not a juice, it’s a snack.”  So when I tasted it, I was so surprised.  Compare it to ordering one type of drink and getting a totally different one by mistake. That split second when you take the sip, then jump a little because you expected something different. I still expected a smoothie-type texture, but the juice is thinner and packed with real fruit! It took me a minute to adjust to the consistency, but once I did, it was delicious. It truly was a filling “snack” drink.  I tried the Strawberry-Orange and it has big pieces of strawberry in there! Fruit2day is found is the refrigerated section of your grocery store. Check the website to find a store near you that carries it. There’s also a $1 printable coupon!

These products were received at no cost for the purpose of trying it out. Based on my reaction, I’ve chosen to post this review.

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