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Our Vacation to Peru…Disney Style!

adventures by disney logo

I’m going on vacation soon…a big vacation. But you wouldn’t know it by the lack of stress surrounding my family’s departure. Thanks to Adventures by Disney, I may have discovered a new way to a stress-free vacation. Later this month, my entire brood is off to Peru for a South American adventure that will take us to Machu Picchu, on a whitewater rafting trip and much more, yet I haven’t opened a map or visited a website other than www.adventuresbydisney.com. Even my kids have noticed the difference in my demeanor. They taunt me that this will be the first vacation where I won’t be looking down at a map the entire time.

If you aren’t familiar with Adventures by Disney, it’s planned vacations brought to eager adventurers in the style, fun and magic that can only be provided by Disney. Adventures by Disney takes travelers to destinations all over the world including Costa Rica, China and Europe. Here in the US, families can enjoy adventures in the West as well as historical tours on the east coast. Consult their website for a complete list of destinations. Once you’ve decided on your land of adventure, Disney assigns you two guides and pairs you with families with children of similar ages. On our trip there’s actually one other child, which will make the children’s activities very personalized to my four kids. As I understand it, the group never goes above an average of 40 people. Disney plans special sites and tours that include activities the entire family will enjoy.

Rafting on the Urubamba...we can't wait!

Rafting on the Urubamba...we can't wait!

Here is a sample of our Peru Adventures by Disney agenda:

Day 1: Arrive in Lima, get acclimated and prepare for our adventure!
Day 2 – 4: We start our journey to the Sacred Valley and the Sol & Luna Lodge & Spa. This leg of the trip promises fun and excitement mixed with local color and history. We’ll visit an Andean culture center to experience textile weaving, a whitewater rafting trip down the Urubamba River followed by a hike to 9,000 feet!
Day 5: Train ride to Machu Picchu to explore the “lost city of the Incas” – one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
Day 6 & 7:  Travel to Cusco where we will stay in an 18th century colonial house, explore the streets and markets of historic Cusco and tour the Incan fortress of Sacsayhuaman.
Day 8:  Return to Lima and depart for home.

The ancient city of Machu Picchu

Day 5 of our trip: we'll explore the ancient city of Machu Picchu.

I’m not one for being held hostage by a tour guide. However, I must say that I’m enjoying the lack of time I’m investing in planning out an entire family vacation. I particularly like the fact that I’m no longer responsible for each and every person’s satisfaction rating of our daily activities. There’s no room for one child to disagree on our agenda. We’re all going and there’s no debating because “Disney Said So!” I’m not worried and neither are the kids because Disney has never failed us before.

You can follow The Bailey Family as we depart for Lima and beyond on Twitter at #Perubound09.

Stayed tuned for more on our Adventures by Disney Peru trip.


4 Responses

  1. That sounds AMAZING, Maria! After talking with you and the others about family vacations at dinner at Epcot, I’ve decided our family must continue to make these kind of experiences a priority. Thank you!

  2. The only thing better than a family adventure trip to Peru is a family adventure trip to Peru done by Disney! They think of everything and make sure that each person in the family is well taken care of – even Mom! I’m sure you’ll have a great time and I’ll be looking for lots of fun posts about your adventures when you get back.

  3. Wow that is like having a personal assistant! This is the first time I heard of this offering by Disney. I might check it for when we go to Egypt later this year or the next. It would be cool what I find through it. This is great . Thanks!

  4. Nice view of Machu Picchu. Its really a great destination on South America tours to explore Peru with its full of culture and great places to visit its own identity and sub culture. Really a great destination for traveling.

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