Time for Moms (and Dads)

woman juggling timeSomeone asked me recently for a few quick tips on ways that moms (and dads) can do things for themselves that truly focus on who they are as an individual and ultimately make them a better parent.  They didn’t want the typical advice to schedule a date night or read a book by yourself. They wanted practical advice and activities that focused on doing something for yourself.

Here are a few small things I do as the mother of four, business owner and wife to keep my sanity.  I hope they make a difference for you as they have made a difference in my hectic life.

1) Take the time to update the essentials: We purge our children drawers of old socks and holey underwear, however we forget about ourselves.  Pick a day every 3 months and go through the essentials- underwear, socks, bras- and replace them with fresh sizes or varieties.  Sometimes feeling good even if it’s only under your baggy sweatpants goes a long way to how you feel on the outside.

2) Apply lotion to your skin after bathing: If we see our baby’s skin flaking or chafing we use ointments, but yet we forget about the care of our own skin. Make it part of your routine to pamper your own skin everyday.

3) Squeeze in some sort of physical exercise every day. I know its cliche’, but I am a FIRM believer that positive energy generates positive energy.  ( I run 5-7 miles every morning at 5a.m.)

4) Create a dream board.  When we have children, we forget sometimes about the dreams we had before children arrived. Creating a dream board allows you to post photos of places you’d like to visit one day or a quote that motivates you in a place where others can see and allows you to remember who you are as an individual.

5) Give yourself a night off once a month.  It might sound impossible, but the household will survive even if you take 4 hours off to meet up with friends, take a walk or go to the beach with a book.

3 Responses

  1. What great ideas. I especially like #5 – As a working mom I sometimes find it so hard to make time for myself without feeling guilty about shortchanging my family. And recharging with girlfriends can totally change my whole outlook from stressed to happy.

  2. Great tips–I do the lotion one and have a standing sitter. Plus, I wanted to share a review of Ultimate Mom. Here’s the link:


  3. It’s so helpful to read reminders and tips on how folks balance their lives. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds some santiy in sorting dresser drawers…with so much going on in daily life, it’s nice to at least get dressed in an organized fashion!

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