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Much More Than a Magical Moment- Magical Moms

Mocha Moms with Mickey & Minnie

Mocha Moms with Mickey & Minnie

I except to have magical moments whenever I visit Walt Disney World. From the minute I drive through the vibrant-colored Mickey welcome columns to the time I depart on the Florida Turnpike. Even when I drive up for the sole purpose of attending a meeting, there’s magic in the air.  But this weekend, the magic went well beyond the wonderful service, the fantastic fireworks and the delicious desserts.  The magic I found was in the moms I met on this Disney Mocha Moms trip.  To say that I found new friends is an understatement. I feel like I became a sister with these women- literally!  I understand now why African American women use the term “sister” to describe the relationship they share with other women of color.  There’s a bond and I got a glimpse of that this weekend.  There was a learning curve for me of course.  You can’t take an Irish, red-headed, freckled girl and throw her into a group of  sisters and expect her to understand things like “ash” and “hair oils.” And as I learned at midnight in a dance club, you most certainly can’t expect her to know how to use her hips and stay on beat to Beyonce.  I gave it my best shot and with some great coaching, I actually did the Cha Cha!  As I sit here the morning after my Mocha Moms Disney trip, I can’t help but celebrate the friendships I made with the most remarkable group of women. At 5 a.m., as I made my way to the airport to start another hectic week, I reflected on the individual qualities I loved about each mom.

Sheena, Laura, Maria and Latricia relax at Disney

Sheena, Laura, Maria & Laticia relax at Disney

Michele of The Sweet Life, was so elegant and beautiful.  She always seemed to appear in an outfit that highlighted the best parts of her body and hide others. And she did it in a way that made her appear glamorous even in khaki shorts.  Latricia of 1StopMom had an innocence about her that was so refreshing and yet exciting.  It was her first time out of Wisconsin and you just wanted to celebrate every first with her throughout the weekend.  Her first plane ride, her first time to Disney, her first taste of escargot.  Ana of Quiskaeya was just plain funny. She challenged even my sense of humor. We discovered that we live 1 mile away from each other and spent 3 hours in the car driving home together. In the blink of an eye, we were there and neither of us could believe we had been chatting for 3 straight hours. What I loved about Akilah of Execumamma was her deep love for her heritage. She takes African dancing and taught me more about rows than I ever thought I’d know.  We enjoyed teaching the other moms a few pilates positions during breakfast and she educated me on doing planks when you are an African American mom.  The booty just can’t go down!  Sheena of Mommydaddyblog was adorable. Ironically, she’s someone I’ve respected from afar and yet she’s young enough to be my daughter. Christie of Chatterbox Radio is just simply one of the smartest tech moms I know. She’s got vision and goes for it. What I learned is that the name of her BlogTalk Radio show is perfect for her. This girl can talk but everything that comes out of her is something you want to hear. Amazing.  Tanisha of Girl, Lemme Tell You…,kept me laughing all day long. She’s a master at scrapbooking and needs Twitter Followers.   And finally Ronnie of BlackandMarriedwithkids.com.  I love this lady.  We had the most in depth conversations on children, work, family and relationships. Unfortunately for her, she had to sit next to me at almost every meal and listen to my eating philosophies and habits.  I think she wanted to grab my water bottles from my hand and limit my intake of green tea, but she hung in there.  I would be remiss in not mentioning Laura Spencer of Disney who is truly my twin with a dash of African American flare. We dress the same, we eat the same, we speak the same and we think the same.  She’s done an amazing job at moving into the role of Disney Cast Member from Disney Mom and I’m happy we get to have magical moments frequently.

Together these women along with Leanne of Disney (@leanneJ) and Arrienne of Tothinkistocreate experienced an unforgettable weekend from The Magic Kingdom to Epcot to Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios.  We learned that affordable options are available for families to visit Walt Disney World.

I’ve been to Walt Disney World more than 100 times in my lifetime however this weekend will rank as one of the most memorable for many magical reasons.  I look forward to maintaining my relationships with the Mocha Moms and thank each one for making my experience rich, relevant and meaningful.

disneytrip 028


11 Responses

  1. How fun Maria.. that is what I love about the mom blogger community. We all are unique and have our own personalities that shine just as you have outlined here in this post about each of the bloggers. This community is so great and what a wonderful adventure you all got to go on together!

  2. You’re making me nostalgic for our weekend! I miss all those ladies and can’t wait to reunite at BlogHer!

  3. Hey,

    I just about had the best time in the world. I love that I was able to meet you and all the other ladies. I learned so much and made some really great friends. I miss you guys already. I just smile everytime I think about the whole experience. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it.

    See you later….


  4. Indeed, Maria – it was all magical. We enjoyed each other’s company more than I’d imagined, and I met an inspiring group of people! Thanks much for your role in the process.

  5. Maria, what a magical weekend with the Mocha Moms and our fabulous Cast Member friends too. It was fun for this Disney Mom to follow the event on Twitter, especially since we even got to read what you were eating! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Maria, you have captured the essence of this past weekend so beautifully! I had so much fun hanging out with you, Laura, Leanne, and the Mocha moms.

    You, my dear, are too funny! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Now I find that we have one more thing in common; although I am a “sistah”, my maiden name is Leary, passed down from some Irish ancestors. LOL!

  7. Maria – I enjoyed our conversations..and I truly value the advice that you gave me during our talks.

    Thanks to you, and the rest of the BSM team and to Laura and Disney for this great opportunity and the wondeful weekend.

    Every thing you said above about the each Disneymochamom is so true!!

  8. This was truly one of the most remarkable experiences I have ever had. You summed it up the best! Thank you so much for your kind words. This post brought me to tears as does every time I think about this past weekend with my new sisters! I will treasure this and all of you always!!

  9. Wow – sounds like a great weekend Maria. Thanks for introducing us to more phenomenal AA women and bloggers!

  10. Ms Maria Bailey aka white chocolate sistah! You are the best! We had so much fun. I couldn’t thank you and the wonderful folks at WDW enough. Seriously. Great recap. 🙂

  11. Maria, It was an honor to be in your presence. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in the company of so many inspiring women! I enjoyed soaking in all of the positive energy. Hope to see you at BlogHer, I’ll talk more, I promise!

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