Dare to Dream: 1st Mom’s Nite Out a smashing success!

Maria and Katja vlogging at NYC Mom's Nite Out

Maria and Katja vlogging at NYC Mom's Nite Out

It’s not often that you have a dream that comes true 100 times bigger than you ever thought. However, this is exactly what has happened for me thanks to 10 million moms across the US who supported and enjoyed National Mom’s Nite Out.  Born out of the idea that most moms are busy taking care of other mothers (their own mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, aunties) on Mother’s Day, I declared the Thursday before Mother’s Day as National Mom’s Nite Out. With discounts, events and parties, it was a night that was meant to give moms an excuse to take the night off. And that they did!  On May 7th, over 1,000 events, both public and private, were held from Boone, NC to Des Moines, Iowa to San Diego, CA.

 The list of supporters is very long.  Social media networks such as Mom Logic, Divine Caroline and The Motherhood as well as over 200 mom blogs and websites promoted this mom-centric event.  Online, National Mom’s Nite out was hit the Top Trending Topics on Twitter from 6pm until well after midnight and hundreds of thousands of moms celebrated in virtual social networking groups.  Over a dozen National Mom’s Nite Out parties were simulcast  LIVE over the Internet via MomTV  (www.momtv.com) allowing moms to partake in the celebration via their computer. 

 Companies came out of the woodwork to sponsor the event through swag, donations, dinners, prizes and discounts to moms. Ragu and Unilever mailed DIY meal kits to dads so that moms didn’t have to cook on May 7th.  Sponsors such as Little Debbie’s, Jose Cuervo, Build A Bear Workshop, Precious Moments, Purex 3-in-1 and Wyndham Hotels Worldwide contributed product for prizes and swag to moms across America.  BounceU and Pump It Up even gave discounts to dads who wanted to entertain the kids while mom was out. The sponsor lineup includes: Simon Malls (host of several events in Florida),  One Step Ahead/Leaps and Bounds, Boogie Wipes, CarolinaPad, Children’s Orchard, Vado Pocket Video Cams, Welch’s, Momapalooza, Stroller Strides, PBS’ Sprout, Pledge, UpSpring Baby, Via Spiga, Hiland Dairy Foods, Wateroos, We Take the Cake, Kajeet, Moving Picture Books, Wal-Mart’s Picture Me Studios, Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, RDU Tennis and Rothschild. I would only ask that as mothers that we show our appreciation by purchasing their products, sending referrals, posting about their services or tweeting our appreciation to our followers.  We hope that they will participate next year and your patronage of these brands will go a long way to convince them that they should do so.

 Companies stepped forward by the hundreds to support the night and moms.    Over a dozen top mom social networks such as Newbaby.com, MomTv.com,  Momlogic.com, Themotherhood.com and Twittermoms.com  participated with online parties.  A small dream became an incredible evening.

Already, we are excitedly planning National Mom’s Nite Out on May 6, 2010.  We hope you will enjoy it. 

 For your enjoyment, we’ve included the following pictures and video links from National Mom’s Nite Out  Events across America.

  Prize winners at Mom's Nite Outmoms_night_out_72

 Check out these awesome Mom’s Nite Out videos:

From Boone, NC (Real Life Sarah):


From Tulsa, OK


 Special thanks to Carol Barnstead for the fabulous photos from NYC Mom’s Nite Out. To see the gallery, check out:




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