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Stride Rite offers new technology in adorable styles

My kids grew up in Stride Rite shoes. In fact my father’s rule for every grandchild was that he got to take them to the Stride Rite store for their first pair of shoes. I loved that rule! Not only did it save me money, but it set a standard for my children to have good shoes at a young age. Unfortunately, he stopped making his trip to the Stride Rite store when the grandkids turned 2.  And even more unfortunate for me was that one of my boys would wear nothing other than Stride Rite Docksiders with no socks. I loved the shoes but his feet smelled so bad that we would soak him in the tub for hours trying to solve the problem.  The best part about Stride Rite is that I could count on their quality, their inventory (take 3 children to a shoe store and you want them to have the shoes you need) and the science behind the shoes.  I’ve been a huge fan of Stride Rite for a very long time.

You can only imagine how thrilled I was recently when I was able to visit their corporate offices. It was amazing to see

Maria with mom bloggers at Stride Rite preview

Maria with mom bloggers at Stride Rite preview

firsthand how science and design goes into each pair of shoes. I also learned that Stride Rite produces Saucony running shoes which, as a runner, means I can continue to wear Stride Rite in a round about way.  Recently, I was fortunate to be invited with mom bloggers Kimberly of  Mom in the City, Kim of Travelingmom, Esti of  Primetime Parenting, Wendy of Babies Gotta Have It and others, to the preview of the Stride Rite Fall collection.

Stride Rite’s biggest innovation is their Sensory Response Technology, which will be in stores in July. This technology optimizes the biomechanics of a baby’s foot so  baby develops a healthy gait, which never changes after the first few steps. The bottom of the shoe is designed for proper development for the early walking period. The materials are extra flexible to allow baby’s foot to move in more than one direction so they learn how to adapt to uneven surfaces, and the soles are rounded so baby doesn’t trip.The shoes were beautiful, cute and most importantly constructed with a whole lot of science behind them.

Check out the Stride Rite collections for your little ones, and a new collection aimed at the tween crowd.

Robeez shoesStride Rite shoesStride Rite shoes


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