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Just in time for summer travel…free nights at Holiday Inn

Maria and Laura with Shawn Johnson in NYC

Maria and Laura with Shawn Johnson in NYC

While in NYC for the Mars FREE chocolate giveaway (go to RealChocolate.com to get your coupon), we made a stop in Bryant Park where we were to meet Olympic gold medalist and Dancing with the Stars star, Shawn Johnson. She was in New York to promote IHG’s (parent company of Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Intercontinental Hotels, among others) Biggest Free Nights offer. Stay two nights at an IHG hotel (Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Intercontinental to name a few) from May 4th through July 3rd to get one free night to stay between July 3rd through December 26, 2009. Visit getafreenight.com to register. As a mom who travels for business almost every week, what I love about this promotion is that I can stay at an Intercontinental hotel but receive free nights for family travel at Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express.   This is a wonderful payout for all the nights I spend away from my family.  Open my wallet and you will find over 25 loyalty cards for hotel, airline and rental car brands.  The collection would make you wonder if I’m truly loyal to any of them. However, I can tell you that when it comes to hotels, I’m loyal to IHG.  Last year, when it was time to cash in all my hotel points  for a vacation in Europe, Holiday Inn was the easiest, most generous and consistent hotel program to use.  My family felt happy at the end of long days knowing I’d redeemed points for rooms at a Holiday Inn. No matter what country we were in, we received excellent service and predictable comfort. Best of all, it took fewer points than any other brand. Even if you don’t have a trip planned, it’s worth it to log on and register for your free night. Happy Traveling!ihg hotel logos

Maria and Francie in NYC

To learn more about the promotion, watch my interview with Francie of IHG on http://www.newbaby.com.


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