Mom’s Work + Business Travel = Family Trip

I don’t know if it’s possible or even smart to write a blog post on a Blackberry, however I am going to try. Here I sit in 38D, a center seat in coach on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Phoenix, Arizona.  I would never sit in a middle seat and it’s unlikely with my platinum status that I would be in coach class.  Ironically, I’m as happy as I can be because the person in seat 38C and the person in seat 38E are my daughters. Across the aisle I can see my two teen sons.  After a long week of business travel which took me away from them for five days, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in this middle seat in coach class.  This is a story of a working mom’s attempt to integrate work and family. Notice I
didn’t say balance.  Balance would imply that I was trading one thing for another.  Nope, this is definitely integration at its best.  I knew as soon as I learned I had to work in Phoenix that I would find a way to take my kids along.  I’ve been doing this since they were babies. One time, I took three toddlers alone on a cross country trip from Florida to California.  The kids stayed with a friend for a few hours and later we visited Disneyland and Legoland.  I think traveling with my children is important. It not only teaches them about new places, but it gives a glimpse into my career and the unglamourous aspects of business travel. This philosophy has taken my children around the world with me.  This
trip we will visit the Grand Canyon.  I’m so excited about sharing this experience with them that I can barely sit still. Perhaps that’s why I attempt to type a blog post on a Blackberry. Stay tuned for more of our family adventures…


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