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Making $$$ and saving it, too

I stay awake at night, as I’ve written before, thinking about paying for my children’s college education. Between UPromise, www.upromise.com and my own scattered savings plan, I have a start to the hurculean feat of paying for four college tuitions, However, it still overwhelms me.  You can only imagine how happy I was last week to hear Suze Orman, guru of all things money, tell a group of mom bloggers, including myself, that you shouldn’t worry about college tuition until you’ve saved for your own retirement.  Thank you, Suze for the night’s rest I am going to get tonight!  The opportunity to speak with Suze was provided by Avon.  Might seem like a strange mix to many but if you think about it for a minute it makes perfect sense. Suze supports women with good financial advice. Avon supports women with the business opportunity to earn good money.  It should seem strange that the two partnered together to speak to us about money and opportunities to earn more of it.  In fact, the more I learn about Avon and the wonderful people that are behind the scenes of  this great brand, the more I love the company.  They not only provide great products for us moms but they support our dreams, our need to earn money and in this economy those are two very important elements of our lives.  In one hour I learned more about finances than I’ve learned in  45 years of living.  Together with Avon, I learned how women are empowering themselves by starting their own business and how easy it is to do so.  I encourage my readers to check out www.Avon.com if you are looking for a way to supplement the household income or need to replace the income of a family member who lost his/her job.  They not only give you a great product to sell but give you the support to succeed.  And with Suze helping out, who could fail?

Suze Orman bookavon


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