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Time Warp

2009 March Sarah 019

It’s amazing how we age, yet never feel as old as we really are until we are forced back into our old stompin’ grounds by a reunion. A few weeks I reunited with college sorority sisters to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Alpha Chi Omega. My sisters came from all parts of the country for two days of fun, memories and activities that we were way too old to partake in.  I was proud to be returning  wearing pants two sizes less than the ones I left college wearing; however, my confidence was quickly squashed by students that looked like my own children.

It was definitely an experience. I drove 10 hours with my two best friends and former roommates enjoying stories that seemed like they were yesterday.  We laughed at old hair dos and finally came clean about boyfriends gone bad.  We made plans to visit all our old waterholes and it was declared that the weekend would not be a success unless I stayed out past 2 am.

The weekend was a success by those standards. We started the night off with a cook-out at the AXO house where
we discussed how time had not changed the quality of the food. Only difference in 2009 is that girls no longer dip everything in ranch dressing.  They are way too smart for that, which might explain why they wear size 4 jeans and we wore 10s in college.  The night progressed with a visit to Clydes where we once enjoyed Thursday night 4-for-1 drinks.  Twenty years later, you can still get four shots for the price of one. But price wasn’t an issue now, as we returned as career women with money in our pockets and time to kill. After all it was only 10 pm.

It was slightly uncomfortable standing at a bar with kids the age of my babysitters but after a cosmo or two it didn’t seem to matter. By the way, I drank my first cosmo ever out of a paper cup. I was all class that night!
At about midnight alcohol must have been driving men’s actions, because a man nearly half my age tried to pick me
up.  I attributed it to some sick fantasy about a cougar although I’d like to believe it was my ageless looks.  None of his lines worked. Imagine a twenty-something telling you, "You are so hot, I don’t know how to speak to you."  Oh, pleeeze! You got to do better than that! I’m the mother of four.  I had to hold back the laughter. I did venture to the dance floor sometime after 1 am only to feel my knees crack while trying to imitate the moves of my younger peers. I might not feel like a forty-something year old woman, but my body was telling me otherwise.  Fortunately I wasn’t on the receiving end of the worst one-liner of the night, "Are you here for parent’s weekend?"  The women who received that one, flat out slapped the poor kid.
I was released from my time warp at 2 am when Clyde’s flashed the lights for last call. Suddenly history repeated itself and I was escorted out of the bar. Guess no matter how old you are, some things never change!


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